Will You Hashtag Your Wedding, Or Ban Social Media? Both Sides Of The Coin.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married this weekend, and despite her affection for the spotlight, she’s decided to ban posting on social media by her guests. Allegedly, the couple has gone so far as to have contracts drawn up.

“The contract bans guests from uploading anything on social media, taking any pictures and even talking about the big day with friends and family who weren’t invited to the wedding”, a source reveals to the Daily Star.

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On the flip side, a recent survey done by David’s Bridal reveals that fewer than 15% of brides would go so far as to ban the use of social media on their big day. The W Hotel in New York even offers a “Social Media Wedding Concierge.” According to the W, “the concierge will also be responsible for creating a ‘wedding blog’ leading up to the big day, as well as posting Vines and Instagrams under your special hashtag. Just be sure to remind them that you prefer the ‘Mayfair’ filter.”

If you aren’t getting married at the W in New York, or don’t feel like shelling out the $3,000 it would cost to use their concierge ($3,000!), you can, of course, DIY your wedding social media activity. It’s as simple as creating a personalized wedding hashtag and sharing it with your guests. And it’s become a growing trend among engaged couples.

A few pro’s and con’s that might help you decide whether to go big or go Kardashian on your wedding’s social media:

  • The Upside:

    • Loved ones who can’t attend are able to share in the festivities, in real time, from anywhere in the world.

    • You’ll have a tons of photos from the perspective of your guests, and you’ll share moments between them you’d have otherwise missed. For years, people would provide disposable camera’s on guests tables to encourage this type of photo fun. Now, you can cross that off your list of things to buy.

    • Using a coordinated hashtag will give you (and your guests) an easy way to share the pictures that have been taken. You can also create a group on Flickr, or Picasa, where guests can upload images later. You can make this public or private at your discretion.

  • The Downside:

    • You won’t get approval on the images shared, so you might not love every single one. But hey, you’ve probably never looked better! You’ll also get some gems.

    • Do you really want the journey from fabulous to joyously inebriated to be documented with pictures and videos, living online… FOREVER?? (The internet never forgets!) Though the one posting may find hilarious moments share worthy, the one acting a fool on the dancefloor might not want that on YouTube.

    • Spoilers: God forbid a bridesmaid absently shares a picture of you in your dress before you’ve walked down the aisle… catastrophe!

Whatever you and your fiance decide, it’s definitely smart to let your guests know your stance. If you choose to allow sharing at your wedding, find a cute way to let guests know what hashtag to use. Here are some creative ideas of how you can get your guests on board:

Create signs posted around your location that coordinate with your decor.

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Put cards on tables or send them along with your invites.

Check out these fun designs we found on Etsy:

If you prefer they didn’t share your wedding on social media, you’ll want to give them a heads up in a similar fashion. That’s perfectly ok! This day is all about uniting families with the one you love, one of the most intimate events of your life. Whether you want this momentous occasion to be a private affair or Tweeted from the rooftops, do whatever makes you happy: a wedding tradition that never goes out of style.

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