I Lost My Engagement Ring! What Should I Do?

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry

Lost Engagement Ring

So, you’ve lost your engagement ring. Chances are you’re hyperventilating a little, and may even be at the ‘breathe into a paper bag’ stage. Calm down and try not to panic. Being in the jewelry insurance business, Lavalier representatives help people who are in the same boat as you, every day. As soon as you think you’ve misplaced your engagement ring, take these steps:

1)   Ask everyone!

Yeah, ‘look for it’ is a pretty obvious first step, but also ask everyone you come into contact with to keep an eye out for it. You never know in what weird place it might have ended up. Bite the bullet and post on Facebook about it. Put an ad up on Craigslist, and don’t forget to check the lost and found listings. Call the water treatment plant and ask them to keep an eye out in case it fell down a drain. Ask the receptionists at the gym, your coworkers, and your neighbors. Although it may be a tad bit embarrassing if it shows up later in the couch cushions, that embarrassment is definitely worth the cost of replacing the ring.

2)   Check your insurance policies.

Gather all the paperwork from when you first bought the ring. If you bought jewelry insurance from Lavalier, put away that paper bag you’ve been breathing into and give us a call. We know just how unique and important your jewelry is to you; we tailor the process of getting a replacement made to you and your jewelry, so you’re as happy with the replacement as you were with the original.

If you didn’t purchase jewelry insurance, your ring may not be a total loss. Carefully examine your jeweler’s warranty and extended service plan, if you purchased one. We’ve never seen a warranty program that actually covered mysterious disappearance, but it’s worth checking every possible solution.

Odds are, your warranty doesn’t cover a missing engagement ring, but there’s still hope! If you’re a renter, do you have renter’s insurance? Homeowners should look at their homeowners insurance policy. Accidental loss isn’t always covered, but give your insurance company a call anyway just to make sure. Be aware, however, that there’s often a sublimit on renters or homeowners policies for specific items like jewelry. If you have coverage, it may be limited to far less than the value of your ring – sublimits as low as $1,000 are common.

3)   Remember, it’s a symbol.

Accidents happen. Things get misplaced. Your engagement ring means a lot to you, but it’s only a representation of the love you and your fiancé or husband have for each other. Don’t give up hope – you may find it years later! Losing your ring isn’t the end of the world; some future husbands even cheer their forlorn fiancées up by proposing a second time with a new ring. And if you do have to get a replacement, make sure to protect your new ring with jewelry insurance from Lavalier. It only costs 1-2% of the value of your ring, and provides priceless peace of mind.

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