What Kinds of Jewelry Can You Insure Through Lavalier?

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry


Jewelry insurance sounds like a great idea, but what if your most precious piece isn’t the typical diamond and platinum engagement ring?  Would it qualify? Would it be worth it? Here’s what you need to know about the kinds of jewelry that you can insure through Lavalier, even the kinds that are a bit off the beaten path.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the receipts for family heirlooms like your grandmother’s brooch or your grandfather’s cufflinks; after an appraisal, Lavalier can help you guard your keepsake’s value whether it’s as classic as a wedding band or as unusual as a diamond-studded monocle.

Brand Name Jewels

When a piece of jewelry comes in a Tiffany Blue Box, even when it is as simple as a sterling silver charm bracelet, the brand matters. Brands carry great personal significance for admirers, connoisseurs, and loyal customers. If something were to happen to your brand name piece, a policy through Lavalier would replace it with a brand name replacement, not just with a similar piece of less status or value.

Precious Stones and Metals

When you think of jewelry insurance, you probably think of diamonds. What you may not know is that jewelry set with any precious stone can find safekeeping with Lavalier.  Whether it’s a pearl necklace, amethyst earrings, or just a great cubic zirconia statement piece, you can protect them all. Insurance through Lavalier covers precious metal pieces too, whether they contain gemstones or not. People insure lockets, rings, and watches in gold, silver, platinum, and titanium.

The Little Stuff

Almost any piece of jewelry that has value to you is insurable. It would be terrible to lose your wedding bands, but it would also be heartbreaking to lose a lifetime of special pieces simply because you felt they were too small to insure alone. The delicate gold chain from your adolescence, your class ring from college, the earrings you received on your first Mother’s Day: no matter how simple, what is precious to you is precious to us. If you have several pieces of jewelry that aren’t worth much financially and wouldn’t be practical to insure alone, Lavalier allows you to combine them and insure the cumulative value. You can take inventory of your personal collection and purchase unscheduled coverage (which means you don’t have to create a list or “schedule” of every single item). This way, if your entire jewelry box were to get stolen or damaged, you would be able to replace all of its contents, not only the high dollar pieces.

We know that even the closest match won’t be a perfect replacement for a sentimental piece, but the better you document your jewelry with photos and appraisals, the better a jeweler will be able to create a replacement like the original – one you can make new memories with.

Whether you want to protect a unique heirloom or a collection of memories, Lavalier can offer you strong, simple coverage for typically only 1-2% of the cost of your jewelry. Find your Lavalier quote in less than one minute and get some peace of mind for your treasures, no matter how varied or unique.

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