What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About Your Wedding Style?

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Wedding shoes

So, he proposed, you said yes, and now it’s time to plan the wedding! The dress, the music, the guest list, the venue…where do you start? We look at some fabulous, fun, and funky engagement rings, and predict how brides with these rings might plan their dream weddings.

Sugar and Spice

Simple engagement ring

Ring: 1-carat round solitaire on an 18k rose gold band.

Theme: Sweet and romantic.

Celebrity Inspiration: Marion Cotillard.

Dress: Three words: Lots. Of. Tulle.

Hairstyle: Wispy, delicate bun.

Other Jewelry: Thin golden bracelet and matching necklace.

Signature Cocktail: Lavender lemonade.

Cake: Strawberry-vanilla marble cake with French silk buttercreme, fondant design, and pink and white ombré flower.

Strawberry vanilla marble cake

First dance: “At Last” by Etta James.

Dream venue: The location of your first date.

Wow Factor: Writing your own vows – not a dry eye in the house! So it’s lucky you went with those…

Wedding Favors: Hand-embroidered handkerchiefs commemorating the date.

Honeymoon: Paris, the City of Love!

Paparazzi Princess

Platinum triple strand engagement ring

Ring: Platinum triple-strand ring with 2-carat round center diamond and 1.5 carat halo and micropavé setting

Theme: Over-the-top party ‘til the break of day!

Celebrity Inspiration: Kim K., of kourse!

Dress: Designer, of course…we’re thinking Vera Wang. Then you’ll switch into a slinky, sexy little number for the reception.

Hairstyle: Dramatic veil.

Other Jewelry: Chandelier earrings and a statement necklace…the blingier, the better.

Signature Cocktail: Pink Dom Pérignon from the champagne fountain.

Cake: Five-tier chocolate hazelnut crème supreme cake with 23 karat edible gold leaf and gold luster dust.

Five-tier gold cake

First Dance: “She’s a Star” by James. Because, I mean, you are!

Dream Venue: So you can’t totally copy Kimye and go with Forte Di Belvedere, but a castle in France would do.

Wow Factor: It’s so hard to choose! There’s the champagne fountain, of course, but that dove release when you said your vows was pretty impressive, too. And who could forget the life-size ice sculptures of you and your beloved?

Wedding Favors: Paperweight crystal replicas of your engagement ring.

Honeymoon: A few weeks in Bali, catching up on your beauty sleep and getting a fabulous tan.

Hippie at Heart

White gold micropave band with diamonds and topaz gemstones

Ring: White gold micropavé band with a total of 1 carat in diamonds and four ¼ carat pink topaz gemstones.

Theme: Bohemian. Whether it’s a garden or a mountaintop, you want your guests to connect with nature.

Celebrity Inspiration: Drew Barrymore

Dress: Casual, simple, relaxed…something you can move in!

Hairstyle: A wildflower crown, freshly picked.

Other Jewelry: Nothing too fancy; maybe just a necklace that has personal meaning for you.

Signature Cocktail: Organic apple ale.

Cake: Rather than just one wedding cake, you’re going with a dessert table featuring your favorite flavors of homemade pies.

Cherry pie

First dance: “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Dream venue: Anywhere outdoors- a garden, the beach, a grassy field – Mother Nature is the world’s greatest florist!

Wow Factor: The incredible natural setting – especially that gorgeous waterfall.

Wedding Favors: Succulents. They’ll grow anywhere, and will make cute centerpieces, too!

Honeymoon: Hiking in Hawaii.

Hollywood Honey

Vintage 2 carat square diamond with pave band

Ring: Vintage 2 carat square diamond with pavé band.

Theme: Old Hollywood glamour.

Celebrity Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Dress: Sophisticated, formal, but not too princessy. Scarlet lips are a must.

Hairstyle: A sweet, classy chignon.

Other Jewelry: Diamond earrings to match your ring and an antique pearl necklace.

Signature Cocktail: Sloe gin fizz

Cake: Astoria red velvet cake with decadent buttercream decorated with sugar roses, pearl frosting, and an antique brooch.

Astoria red velvet cake

First dance: “Cheek to Cheek” by Irving Berlin.

Dream venue: The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Wow Factor: 16-piece jazz band playing all night long!

Wedding Favors: Snapshots from the vintage photo booth.

Honeymoon: You’ll be renting out a villa in Tuscany. Live like the stars, right?

Rockin’ Romantic

2 carat heart-shaped diamond with triple prong setting and pave accents

Ring: 2 carat heart-shaped diamond with triple prong setting and pave accents on an 18k black gold band.

Theme: Untraditional, with a touch of punk rock.

Celebrity Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

Dress: Military boots and a funky hat? Why not? A little bit of black, some flounce, an asymmetrical bodice…as long as it’s not a white ball gown, you like it!

Woman with military boots

Hairstyle: Highlights to match your wedding colors.

Other Jewelry: An ear cuff and your favorite nose ring.

Signature Cocktail: Absinthe.

Cake: Something whimsical – square tiers, polka dots, crazy colors…anything goes!

Whimsical wedding cake

First Dance: “White Wedding,” by Billy Idol.

Dream Venue: Renting out the hottest nightclub in town – along with the best D.J.

Wow Factor: Definitely the laser light show on the dance floor.

Wedding Favors: Rock candy!

Honeymoon: Amsterdam. You can’t wait to hit up some of those nightclubs!

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