Wedding Planning: Start Early, End Happy

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Wedding Advice


A winter chill is in the air, Main Street is decorated with lights on the lampposts, and there’s fresh greenery on your mantel. It’s a magical time of year, and some of you might have decided to make your holiday season even more joyous — with an engagement.

If that’s you, wonderful! We hope the eggnog tastes just a little sweeter and the tree lights shine just a little brighter for you this year. But while you’re enjoying them, take some time to begin the wedding planning. Santa can bring you many treasures, but time isn’t one of them. Get started early and you’ll thank yourself once the big day is just around the corner.

Get Organized

While you’re shopping for your gifts, grab a couple of organizational basics. It will help you to have your wedding planning all in one place. Even if you’ve gone entirely digital and you’re using an online planning system, you’ll want somewhere to store magazine pictures you particularly like, receipts, contracts and other physical documents. Get started with a standard binder (and perhaps some cute pens while you’re at it!).

Make Lists

Make a list and then check it twice, just like Santa. In fact, make several. Start jotting down your hopes and dreams for your wedding. Outside or inside? What color flowers? What color dress?

What you come up with will inform the next list you make: vendors to call. Will you need a florist? How about a caterer? Don’t limit yourself; just make all the notes you think of. You can get them into better order later.

Rally the Troops

This is a good time to figure out who’s going to help you with the wedding planning, and we don’t just mean the wedding planner. We mean those people who are going to be by your side, keeping you sane from the first phone calls all the way to the last bite of cake. Think about the people in your life who always make you smile, and always show up to help when the going gets tough. Your sister, your best friend, your cousin — whoever it is, call that person up and ask for some help. Even if you don’t know what you need yet, chances are, they will!

Begin to Budget

While you might wait for the New Year to do your serious financial planning, it’s a good idea to start talking about a general budget. Around how much do you have set aside for the big day? Is anyone helping you with your wedding, and if so, what kind of budget do they have in mind? As you start to think about vendors and venues, it will be important to know around how much you can spend.

Insure Your Ring!

Now that you’ve got the most special present you’ll get this year, it’s time to protect it. Jewelry insurance through Lavalier insures against theft, natural disasters and damage. We can give you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your holiday season — and your wedding planning!

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