Wedding Jewelry Faux Pas

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry Wedding Advice

Wedding Jewelry Faux Pas

On your wedding day, you deserve to look, feel, and be treated like a princess (even if it only lasts through the honeymoon phase!). Put your best glass slipper forward by avoiding these jewelry transgressions that can distract from your look as you glide down the aisle, kiss your prince charming, and shine on the dance floor.

Wearing something you don’t want to wear­.

You’re almost ready to walk down the aisle. You’re sparkling, with the perfect silver necklace, your platinum engagement ring, and even a matching hair clip. Minutes before the music swells, your mother-in-law pulls you aside and says, “I’ve been saving this for my new daughter-in-law,” as she presents you with a chunky gold bracelet that looks more like costume jewelry than anything you’d actually choose to wear. The clink of the clasp as she latches it shut sounds like handcuffs around your wrist.

Don’t let this be you! Let everyone know that your wedding jewelry is all taken care of before the big day. Hopefully, you won’t get sucked into such a dire last-minute situation, but it’s your special day and you should wear what you want to wear. The only vacation you’re going on is a honeymoon – not a guilt trip!

Wearing multiple hair accessories.

Pick one: the tiara or the veil or the fascinator. Too much stuff on your head looks messy. Your hair shouldn’t be the first, second, or even third focal point! (We think these should be your face, your ring, and your dress, in that order.)

Side note: You may want to stay away from live flowers. They look and smell gorgeous, but by the end of the night (and your third time under the limbo pole), your flowers might not look quite as fresh. Use high-quality plastic flowers or flower-shaped gems instead.

Mismatching your ring and accessories.

You’ll want to show off your brand new wedding band, so stick with accessories that will complement your bridal bling. If you’ve got a yellow gold wedding ring set, stick with gold accessories; if you’re wearing platinum or white gold, silver tones are better. Pearls are classic and go well with both white and yellow gold.

And match your dress too! Different shades of white work better with different types of jewelry. If you’re going gold, look for an ivory or off-white gown with creamy yellow undertones. Silver and platinum are perfect for diamond-white or bright-white dresses.

Neglecting the Neckline

The right necklace can enhance the look of any bridal gown, and certain necklaces highlight unique features or draw the eye upwards toward your face. The type of gown you’re wearing will influence the kind of necklace you choose. Strapless and sweetheart dresses really show off your neck, shoulders, and chest, so play that up by choosing a necklace that falls just below the collarbone. If your dress has a high neck, you can balance and elongate the torso with a longer necklace. Crew necks are the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry that falls on the collarbone. Find a statement piece that incorporates one or two of your wedding or bouquet colors to pull it all together!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll want to look your best. Above all, make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in the dress and accessories you choose. After the hoopla of the big day, keep the jewelry that you’ve worn safe and protected with a jewelry insurance policy from Lavalier. That way, when your little girl wants to be just like mommy one day, you’ll let her reenact that special day without fear!

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