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Wedding Gift that Jewelers Can Offer During Pandemic

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Engraving can be the ultimate way to personalize a wedding band or engagement ring. A custom that dates all the way back to the courts of medieval Europe, a message or date is an easy way to make your ring unique to you and your relationship.

Saving the Date

Engraving a wedding date serves as a sweet reminder of an amazing day that holds importance to you both. Using a date instead of words is a clean and prominent look that many couples opt for. However, during this time of cancellations and delays during to the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of brides-to-be have had to delay their weddings and choose a wedding date later this year or even into 2021.

These customers may have lost thousands of dollars on deposits for their postponed wedding dates. Because of this some jewelers are offering to re-engrave their clients’ wedding bands for free with their new date. This simple kindness can go a long way in building a lasting relationship. It may not be a huge expense to the jeweler but this gesture can be a bright spot in a couple’s already frustrating plight of trying to change their plans and losing deposit money.

A Thoughtful Gesture

A satisfied customer often returns to their favorite and trusted jeweler for years to come and for all of the occasions that will be heading their way as they start their life together. Lending a sympathetic hand during these challenging times is a simple, yet perfect wedding gift in this current climate.  


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