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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Him

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Couples spend so much time focused on the bride-to-be’s engagement ring and wedding band that sometimes the groom’s ring can become an afterthought. Men may think that shopping for their band isn’t a big deal or that they do not have many options, but there are many choices to make their decision more exciting than they realize.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Him

For many guys, this is the only jewelry they wear or even own, so be sure to choose something he loves. He deserves to love it as much as his fiancée loves her ring!

What to Look for in a Band

There are seven major categories to consider when choosing a men’s wedding band – width, metal type, fit, finish, detailing, engraving, and profile shape. Take time to decide your preferences for each of these and then picking the perfect band will be a breeze.

  1. Width – This is typically the main factor when choosing a band. Try on several width sizes and see what is comfortable and what looks good on your hand. Remember that a thicker band makes a bolder statement, but a thin one may feel better on your finger.

  2. Metal – There are several options to pick from:
    Platinum: This is a durable and expensive metal, which rarely causes a skin reaction.
    White gold: It looks similar to platinum but has a lower price point that is attractive to many couples with so many other wedding expenses.
    Yellow gold: This is a classic option that many men are drawn toward. 
    Palladium: This metal is in the same family as platinum but is found at a lower price because it is a bit softer, but still durable.
    Rose gold: This less common choice can create a vintage look.
    Alternative metals: Tungsten carbide and titanium can be a more unique choice while still being incredibly strong and durable.

  3. Fit – This means the edges are either rounded or flat. Try on a few different types of each to see what your comfort preference is. Some men go for a carved edge instead, which means it has a beveled design with etched edges. This is an attractive option as it gives any ring a more interesting and masculine look.

  4. Finish – There are three main types of finishes:
    High polish: This is a traditional choice with a reflective finish.
    Matte: A matte ring has a modern look with a less reflective finish.  
    Hammered: This finish looks as if a tiny hammer has pounded the metal to create a textured look.

  5. Detailing – You and your partner can add anything from diamond or sapphire accents to a vertical stripe of gems. The options to make your ring special are endless.

  6. Engraving – Consider making your guy’s ring unique by telling your story through an engraving. You can choose to add your wedding date, your name or phrase, or anything else that is meaningful to your relationship.

  7. Profile shape – This refers to how the ring is shaped on the outside, such as domed or flat. A flat profile is a more contemporary look, while domed is traditional. If you are having trouble making a choice, there are plenty of options in between (such as slightly flat) for a nice middle ground.

The Smart Choice

Many men are not interested in putting a lot of thought into their own ring, but this is an item that will last a lifetime so be sure to spend time choosing it carefully. Be sure you choose a ring that is comfortable, fits well, and suits your style. You might choose to match your future bride’s set – a sign of unity as you start your life together, or you can embrace your own individual tastes. No matter what, be sure to protect these new symbols of your love with personalized jewelry insurance from Contact us today for your free quote.


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