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2021 Spring Trend: Beaded Necklaces

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Beaded Necklaces

The best way to distract yourself during a long, cold winter is with visions of a warm and sunny spring. There is no better way to daydream the snow away than by picturing tropical vacations along with all the fun fashion and accessories that will accompany you on a trip – whether it’s real or just in your fantasies for now.

What is even better is that 2021 has the perfect spring trend to get you in this mindset – colorful, beaded necklaces. Think DIY camp necklaces you used to make but with a chic twist!

Beaded Beauties

You’ll be buying beaded necklaces to go with every summer outfit you plan to wear this year. Plus, it’s a fun way to add color along with nostalgia (when you think of your youthful summer camp days). You might want to look for one (or more) of these beaded accessories:

  • A rainbow beaded necklace with cowrie shells
  • Colored beads with gold accents for a touch of sophistication
  • Go neutral with champagne beads to keep it classy
  • Add elegance when you find a dramatic bead color paired with a pendant
  • Try out multiple 2021 trends together – colorful beads paired with chain links or even pearls

Get Ready for Color

All of these colorful options are ready to wear alone or they can be the perfect layering essentials. You’ll even find these rainbow looks in other forms of jewelry this year; Earrings and necklaces are going to have to same carefree and beachy look.

This year’s beaded necklace trend reflects the hope of an upcoming year filled with exciting events and even potential vacations. So, start thinking of what fun outfit you plan to pair up with a bright accessory and be ready to start shopping or clicking add to cart when these pop up in your local stores soon.


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