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Top Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to give your significant other a meaningful gift. Plus, unlike candy and flowers, it is something she can hold dear for years to come. With the variety of jewelry available you can easily find something for your unique valentine, whether she is an outdoor adventurer or a lover of all things glam.

Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Check out this list of the top romantic jewelry gifts you can give your partner this holiday.

  1. Heart-Shaped Ring
    This can be the perfect gift for your Valentine as it comes in all styles, shapes, and budgets. You can pick from a simple design to something elaborate with plenty of gemstones. You will surely find just the right one for the woman in your life.

  2. Heart Necklace
    You can look for anything from affordable and simple to very high-end. Plus you can choose from many sizes and necklace lengths to get just the right one for her unique style.

  3. Dangle Earrings
    Earrings in this style are a great choice as they can transition from daytime at the office to a fun night out. Plus they can be worn for many different occasions. If your significant other prefers a more subtle design go for a solid metal. But if she likes her jewelry to sparkle and stand out, pick a design with lots of gemstones and even more length.

  4. Birthstone Jewelry
    There are endless options if you choose to search for a birthstone gift. You can look for a ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace depending on what type of jewelry your Valentine typically wears. You can show your appreciation of all of her unique traits when you buy a beautiful birthstone piece.

  5. Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    This simple yet stunning piece of jewelry is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Use this holiday as the perfect opportunity to treat her and add this shiny bauble to her wrist. You can choose from any precious metal – be sure to notice if she typically wears silver or gold and opt for that same color metal. Pro tip: when making your selection look for uniformity and clarity of the diamonds.

  6. Promise Ring
    Are you ready to show your love and commitment before officially taking the plunge? A promise ring is the perfect way to tell her how much she means to you and your future. You can even personalize it with an engraving for an extra special touch.

  7. Pearls
    This classic and timeless gift is a perfect choice for your girlfriend or spouse. You can choose pearls in many different colors and shapes that are as unique as she is.

  8. Engagement Ring
    Valentine’s Day is a popular day for proposals. So if you are ready to pop the question, consider this holiday for the big moment. Your engagement ring should symbolize your love story and fit your girlfriend’s personality. Take plenty of time to research and shop as this is a gift that will last a lifetime.

  9. Unique/Handmade
    Choose a piece that comes straight from the heart and shop for a handmade item crafted just for her. Many jewelry companies offer custom services so take time to do your research and find one that employs a certified jeweler and pay attention to reviews. Creating a truly unique piece of jewelry is an amazing gift to present to your Valentine and will be cherished forever.

Make it Memorable

Selecting a thoughtful jewelry gift will make this Valentine’s Day one your significant other will always remember. Once purchased, be sure to protect your newest treasure with personalized jewelry insurance. Contact Lavalier for your own jewelry insurance quote as soon as your beautiful new jewel is in your hands.


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