Top 10 Outrageously Expensive Celebrity Jewelry and Watches

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Posh’s Necklace: $8,000,000

Victoria Beckham Bulgari Necklace

Victoria Beckham is one lucky lady! Her husband, David Beckham, spoils her with gifts including her own Napa Valley vineyard, a $1,200,000 diamond and ruby necklace, and even an $8,000,000 Bulgari necklace for Valentine’s Day! With news of his extravagant purchases all over the web (and after a robbery by the housekeepers in 2008), let’s hope he has a good jewelry insurance plan.


Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring: Estimated $8,000,000

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

Kanye proposed to Kim Kardashian with a flawless cushion cut diamond ring. He custom-designed the 15-carat sparkler with renowned jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who also designed Beyoncé’s ring. Let’s hope she learned her lesson and bought jewelry insurance after that time she freaked out over a $75,000 lost earring in Bora-Bora.


Beyoncé’s Engagement Ring: $5,000,000

Beyonce Engagement Ring

Jay-Z didn’t just put a ring on it; he knocked it out of the park with this flawless 18-carat emerald cut diamond in a platinum setting. With an E rating, this diamond is almost completely colorless.


Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring: $4,700,000

Paris Hilton Engagement Ring

When Paris Latsis proposed to Paris Hilton back in 2005, he gave her a 24-carat white gold ring with a centerpiece diamond and two triangle baguettes. Apparently, it was so big it hurt her finger. Does anyone feel bad for her?


Jennifer Lopez’s Push Presents: $2,800,000

Jennifer Lopez Ring and Earrings

After giving birth to twins Max and Emme in 2008, then-husband Marc Anthony gave her two push presents – a $300,000 canary diamond ring and $2.5M custom diamond earrings engraved with the babies’ initials.


Sean Kingston’s Crayola Necklace: $500,000

Sean Kingston Crayola Chain

For some reason, Sean Kingston owned an incredibly expensive diamond, ruby, and emerald encrusted necklace made of 10-carat white gold – in the shape of a crayon box. It went missing when his sister mailed it to a jeweler. The worst part? She only insured the package for $500 – and he didn’t have any jewelry insurance!


Seal’s Watch: $475,000

Seals Watch

Seal spent almost a half a million on this Richard Mille RM08 watch. If you’re feeling even more opulent, you can spring for the white gold version, which costs a mere $750,000. With an appraisal value worth three times the average home value, this watch wows.


Rachel Zoe’s Ring: $300,000

Rachel Zoe's Ring

When Rachel Zoe gave birth to son Skyler, her husband gifted her a 10-carat diamond ring. This gorgeous sparkler has a central cushion-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds around the platinum band.


Usher’s Watch: $250,000

Usher's Watch

In case he doesn’t have a mirror handy, Usher can always take a peek at his custom diamond-encrusted Tiret watch. 1,106 natural yellow and white diamonds form a portrait of his face. Kanye West has one (with his own face, of course) that cost $180,000.


Lil Wayne’s Grill: $150,000

Lil Wayne's Grill

While Birdman gives him a run for his money with a half-million dollar smile, that includes the cost of dental work. Lil Wayne’s grill (which can’t be removed without surgery) is made of diamonds. Do grills count as jewelry? Either way, it’s definitely outrageous.


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