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Tips for Jewelry Shopping Online

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

jewelry shopping online

Even though you can buy almost anything you need online, is it a good idea to buy jewelry through a web site? With COVID-19 and “shelter at home” restrictions, buying online may be a “safe” option. Follow our tips to keep your shopping secure and make sure you get what you are expecting.

Top 8 Tips

Whether you are buying a gift, an engagement ring, or just treating yourself to something special, take steps to make a smart purchase before you click “add to cart.”

  1. Got a favorite jeweler? Check out that website first.
    Or, ask friends and families for their jeweler recommendations and review those websites.
  2. Make sure the online jeweler is a reputable business
    Read reviews of the company and the product before you buy. Be sure to read the entire listing, specifications, and condition before you commit.
  3. Check for a warranty
    See if a warranty comes from the manufacturer or from the vendor. A warranty should be available and cover any defect or loose gemstones for at least a year.
  4. Research the seller
    Make sure the jeweler is professional, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all of your questions.
  5. Check the return policy
    If a seller refuses to take back a product they are selling, think twice before proceeding.  
  6. Look for images
    A seller should provide plenty of images from every angle since you cannot see the piece in person. Also, look for dimensions. How wide is the band? How long is the necklace?
  7. Ask about an appraisal for the item and an independent grading report for larger gemstones
    These should be available to you even though it’s an online purchase.
  8. Figure out your ring size before you order
    If ordering a ring, first determine the site’s sizing as it could be U.S. sizing, European sizing, or measured in millimeters. The website should provide instructions for accurately determining your ring size.

Do your Homework

The most important thing you can do before making an online purchase is plenty of research. This includes reading the listing, reviewing all paperwork, and checking out the company. Also decide if the claims about an item’s quality seem reasonable and check out the general market value of the piece you are considering.

The only time online purchasing is not a good option is when it’s done impulsively and with little or no research. Doing your homework takes a little time, but in the end is very worthwhile to make a smart decision and receive exactly what you want.

Once you make your choice and your new bauble arrives at your doorstep, get a personalized jewelry insurance quote from Lavalier. You’ve done your research to get the perfect piece, so don’t stop doing your homework now. Make sure your new piece is fully protected so you can wear it with complete peace of mind.


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