Tips and Tricks to Find Her Dream Engagement Ring

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Tips and Tricks to Find Her Dream Engagement Ring

When you’re ready to pop the question, finding the engagement ring is the first big challenge. Even before you decide how to propose (with a flash mob? at a sports game?) you have to have the ring to present her with. You could go with the most statistically popular ring type, but if you’re looking for something unique, Lavalier has come up with a few tips and tricks to help you figure out what your girl’s dream engagement ring would be.

Listen to her

If your blushing bride-to-be has any clue that a wedding might be in her future (and trust us, many do!), she’s probably dropping hints left and right; you may just not be picking up on them. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch for any mention of rings, engagement or not. She might keep bringing up a newly engaged friend’s ring. She may point out a celebrity’s ring that she particularly likes (or detests). Don’t assume that if she’s bringing it to your attention, that’s the kind of ring she wants (and definitely don’t go with a carbon copy of her friend’s ring!). Instead, listen carefully to her comments, and ask some questions of your own. If she loves a certain ring, ask her what she likes about it. You may be surprised to hear that she’d love a colored stone, too, or that while she admired the setting, she’d prefer something a bit bigger (okay, maybe that won’t be such a surprise).

Scope out her jewelry box

Does your girlfriend wear a lot of jewelry, or only a few key pieces? If she loves to wear chunky, funky necklaces and bracelets, feel free to experiment a little and go with a more unusual engagement ring. If she sticks with studs, simple chains, and more classic jewelry staples, then you’ll probably want to go the more traditional route. Look at the colors she prefers. Does she have a lot of yellow gold jewelry? She might want a yellow gold ring! Maybe she has a gemstone she favors, like her birthstone. If so, you could always consider that gem as an accent stone, or even in the center.

Check out her closet

The kinds of clothes your future fiancée wears can give you great insight into her preferences. Again, look for a ‘theme.’ A girl who is willing to experiment with her clothes or who has a unique sense of style is probably going to be more open to an unconventional engagement ring. Think about her style icons. What celebrities does she dress like? Crack open a magazine or do a Google search and see what kinds of jewelry those celebrities are wearing. She’s going to wear her ring all day, every day, so you want to make sure it goes well with her entire wardrobe.

This can also be a good place to get a better idea of budget. Openly discussing how much you’ll pay for her engagement ring can be a total romance-killer, so inspect her closet for clues. Is she all about brand names? Your lady love may have expensive tastes! If she’s more interested in how it looks than how much it costs, you probably have a little more leeway to lower your budget.

Ask around

Now, we know the element of surprise is super important, but sometimes the best way to get the scoop on your sweetheart’s dream engagement ring is to ask the people closest to her: her family and friends! We recommend only asking one family member; the fewer people you let in on the secret, the less likely it is that she’ll find out about it. You can even ask one of her friends to join you at the jewelry store as you browse. You might be surprised at the insight she has into your girlfriend’s tastes!

As you’re shopping, remember that this is about your future wife’s needs and desires; every woman wants to feel like her fiancé ‘gets’ her, especially on the day she gets engaged! Take the time to really do your research and figure out her likes, dislikes, and priorities in a ring. Ask her what she thinks of different pieces of jewelry to get an idea for her taste and style. It’s not uncommon to spend three or four months searching for that perfect ring. So when you finally find it, make sure you keep it protected by purchasing engagement ring insurance through Lavalier. And it doesn’t take nearly as long to buy engagement ring insurance as it did to find the perfect ring. In fact, you can buy it in online in minutes.

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