The “Mangagement” Ring: Has Johnny Depp Started A New Trend For Grooms-To-Be?

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Recently engaged to actress and model Amber Heard (much to the dismay of Jimmy Kimmel), Johnny Depp has been sporting a new piece of hardware on his wedding finger: a woman’s engagement ring.

Johnny Depp Mangagement Ring

Depp said in a recent appearance on David Letterman that the reason he’s sporting this blinding $125,000 stunner is simply because he got his fiance’s ring size wrong. As the saying goes, “waste not, want not”… Depp decided they should have matching rings and got Amber a new one of her own that fits like a glove.

“These rings may not be exactly the same in every detail, but are inspired by a similar enough look, each with slight differences that symbolizes the uniqueness of each,” says jewelry expert Michael O’Connor. A truly lovely sentiment… like love, diamonds are strong, and beautiful in their uniqueness.

Is this a new trend for grooms-to-be? 17% of men today say they would wear an engagement ring. We asked our friends over at Brilliance to chime in on whether or not this is a new trend in the jewelry industry:

Mangagements are definitely becoming more and more common. Our custom design team has seen increases in requests for rings for men. Since they want something very particular, they go through a custom design process and make pretty unique, masculine engagement rings. Personally (or, as a company), we love making these rings. It is very nice to see a different approach to engagement and we are happy to be a part of the design process for those who are interested.

Is this momentum really just a marketing ploy to get couples to spend more money on jewelry? Is this forward motion a reflection of increased equality within modern couplings and the deterioration of typical gender roles? Could the trend be indicative of the growing number of gay marriages taking place?

Whatever is inspiring this continued trend: would you buy your groom an engagement ring?

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