The gloves did it!

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They are soft and warm … who would think they could cause you to lose a stone from your ring?

Amy Helein, Lavalier jewelry insurance expert and GIA Graduate Gemologist, says it’s a fact. “Lavalier’s claim files show that gloves – especially winter gloves – can snag a prong on a ring and pull it loose, resulting in the loss of a diamond or other stone.” she explains. “Even a small tug can loosen the setting.

“Don’t get me started on bracelets,” Amy laughs. “Knitted gloves and mittens, in particular, can catch and release a clasp in seconds. So can knit sweaters.”

Amy has three pieces of advice to safeguard your jewelry this winter, or any time:

  1. If you feel a tug on your ring or bracelet when you pull your gloves on or off, check your jewelry immediately. If a stone is missing, check the inside of the glove and the area where you removed it. Then, take the item to your jeweler for inspection and, if needed, repair.
  2. Check your jewelry when you put it on. Do you feel any roughness in the setting, especially the prongs of a ring? Is the clasp loose? Are the stones a little wobbly in the setting? If so, take the item to your jeweler right away.
  3. Make it a habit to visit your jeweler at least twice a year to have your jewelry inspected and, if needed, repaired. As a bonus, your jeweler will clean it so it shines like new!

Keep your fingers warm and your jewelry safe this winter!

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