The 3 Free Apps Every Bride Needs To Get Now

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Worry Free Weddings

Worry Free Weddings: The Apps Edition

Planning one of the most important days of your life can be a bit overwhelming. NO PRESSURE! 😉 I know, I know, we’re putting it mildly… We thought we’d do you a solid by curating some of the most useful and fun things we’ve come across that will keep planning a pleasure, and keep you out of the Bride-zilla zone. Binders bursting at the seams with pages ripped from magazines aren’t exactly the best way to go: The first in a series, today’s post focuses on apps that will keep you organized, prioritized, and… excited about your day. Your fiance, family, and friends will thank us.

Erm, will thank you… You!

Wedding Party:


Not only is Wedding Party beautiful to look at (and free!), but it’s got a ton of features that will add another dimension to your wedding experience – for both you and your guests. Download the app, and enter all the information your guests need at their fingertips: Where you’re registered, event and venue information, logistics, special instructions… Share your engagement story and wedding journey… Create photo albums for each aspect of your day: engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception… Your guests can add their own photos to the albums, giving you a glimpse into the way your loved ones experienced your special day. It’s great to have them all in one place! The best thing about this app, though, is the social element. Invite your guests to join with your custom wedding code, and they can create personal profiles. They can get to know the other attendees and start socializing long before the cake is cut.



This one is for your iPad! OneWed is kind of like Pinterest, but exclusively for weddings. Get inspired, easily searching for dresses, rings, photographers, florists… by category and style. Not only can you curate and collect images and inspiration, you can also shop the items and connect with vendors. Build and share your collections with your fiance, friends, or family so they can provide much needed feedback on crucial choices (THIS SHOE or THAT SHOE?!?!)… You can also input pictures of things you find in your real world search for the perfect dress, or centerpieces. This app will help you collect, discover, and determine – with the help of those whose opinions you value the most. Annnnnd yes, it’s free.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner:


Get it together, girl – this free app by The Knot will get you organized and on point. Keep tabs on your budget, get inspired by browsing photos of real weddings, manage your guest list and RSVP’s, browse over 150,000 vendors, and stay on task by creating lists of lists of lists… A personal assistant in your pocket, this app will probably be more reliable and on top of things than your Maid of Honor.

Have you been using an awesome app for your wedding planning that wasn’t mentioned here? Tell us about it! We  just might feature it in our next post.

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