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7 Reasons You Need A Jewelry Insurance Policy, Even If You Have Renters Insurance

Friday, April 11, 2014 | Insuring Your Jewelry

You’re the responsible type. You plan for the future, and you understand it’s “better safe than sorry” when it comes to the life you’ve built and the special things you’ve chosen to surround yourself with. Maybe you’ve got renter’s insurance to protect your nest, but are you protecting the one thing you most likely think of as priceless?

Jewelry Insurance for your Wedding and Engagement Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings represent an investment made, not only in the rings themselves, but in your relationship and your future. The sentimental value is immeasurable. In all the excitement of your engagement and the chaos of wedding planning, many couples overlook protecting these most treasured possessions. About 40% of US households that own engagement rings do not have them insured, yet a third of couples consider an engagement ring to be one of their most valuable assets. Other pieces, such as family heirlooms or high end watches should be considered for coverage as well.

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