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9 Jewelry Fads From the ‘90s and 2000’s That Had to Go

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | Jewelry

90's Jewelry Fads that had to go

Some people remember the ‘90s with fondness, while others look back and shudder in disgust. If a quick peek in your closet reveals a pair of homemade flare jeans, platform flip-flops, or any kind of bandana, this is an emergency intervention. The ‘90s (and 2000s!) are over. It’s a new century, and it’s time to purge your jewelry box of any of these ‘trendy’ items you may still be clinging to. Sure, it’s fun to look back on old times, but are you really ever going to wear that puka shell necklace again? Please say no. It’s time to, as they say in Frozen, “Let It Go!”

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