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How To Plan The Perfect Romantic and Memorable Proposal

Friday, May 2, 2014 | Worry Free Weddings

Worry Free Weddings: Interview With The Proposal Planner™, Sarah Pease

You may have seen Sarah Pease on The Today Show, ABC Nightline, or the E! Network sharing her expert advice and commentary on marriage proposals and engagement. From elaborate proposals on the big screen in Times Square with a private serenade by American Idol celebrity Katherine McPhee, to more intimate ones like a log cabin in the French Alps and a glamorous yacht in Miami, she is the go-to person for dream marriage proposals. We snagged a bit of her time to bring her experience and insight to our blog in an interview we hope will get your imagination going.

How To Plan The Perfect Romantic and Memorable Proposal[image source]

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Get Inspired And Creative With Your Wedding Logo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | Worry Free Weddings

If you ever practiced writing your first name and his last name in the margins of your notebooks in high school, you’ve already got a little bit of experience with wedding logo design. No, really! Jack + Jill, J&J, Jill Hill, Mrs. Jack Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hill… Now you’re all grown up and you’ve found The One, no more scribbling! Except… One of the first things you’ll want to start thinking about when planning your big day is your wedding logo (sometimes referred to as a wedding monogram). It’s the first impression made on your guests of the tone you’re setting for the big day. Is the feel you’re going for with your wedding planning whimsical? Classic? Modern? Your logo should encapsulate that feeling, without competing with the other elements that pull everything together.

Wedding Logo Inspiration

(Check out our Pinterest board for more Wedding Logo Inspiration!)

Where do I get a logo?

Your best bet for getting an amazing wedding logo would be to hire a graphic designer. Reviewing portfolios will give you an idea for the type of designs they are capable of and will help you choose the right person for the job.

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The “Mangagement” Ring: Has Johnny Depp Started A New Trend For Grooms-To-Be?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 | Jewelry

Recently engaged to actress and model Amber Heard (much to the dismay of Jimmy Kimmel), Johnny Depp has been sporting a new piece of hardware on his wedding finger: a woman’s engagement ring.

Johnny Depp Mangagement Ring

Depp said in a recent appearance on David Letterman that the reason he’s sporting this blinding $125,000 stunner is simply because he got his fiance’s ring size wrong. As the saying goes, “waste not, want not”… Depp decided they should have matching rings and got Amber a new one of her own that fits like a glove.

“These rings may not be exactly the same in every detail, but are inspired by a similar enough look, each with slight differences that symbolizes the uniqueness of each,” says jewelry expert Michael O’Connor. A truly lovely sentiment… like love, diamonds are strong, and beautiful in their uniqueness.

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