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Survey Says? What Women Want in an Engagement Ring

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

What Women Want in an Engagement Ring

When you’re buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend, you want to pick out something perfect. Some men browse the jewelry store, see a ring, and immediately know it’s ‘the one.’ For the vast majority of us, though, there’s a lot more hemming and hawing, and in the end you just hope she loves it as much as she loves you!

If you’re totally clueless, Lavalier can help you get on the right track. We’ve looked at several online polls to determine what most women prefer in ring shape, size, color, cut, etc. Of course, your girl is anything but average – but it’s a great place to start your search

The 4 C’s

Round diamonds are the most sought after and most traditional shape for an engagement ring and actually account for 60% of engagement ring shapes. Oval-shaped diamonds have been gaining popularity over the past two of three years as they elongate the hand. Many brides prefer a white gold or platinum band as gold bands have been falling out of favor for years. Most rings feature a colorless diamond center stone (averaging about 1.1 carats) along with side stones or accents, for a total average weight of 1.6 carats. The most popular type of setting is a prong setting at 32%, which pairs brilliantly with a round cut. So, if you want to make a safe bet on that perfect ring, go with a white gold band, a 1.1 carat round diamond in a prong setting, and 0.5 carats in side stones.


According to a report from, the average 1 carat ring should cost around $5,500. We’ve seen advice that says a man should spend anywhere from one to three months of his salary on the ring (although most of the companies that say you should spend two or three months of paychecks on a ring also happen to be selling them!). Did you know this “rule” was started by a De Beers ad? This same credit donkey report says to forget the two-month rule and take into account your own personal financial situation. Look at things like your income, your expenses, your savings, and your potential income when trying to make this decision. While it will be your girl’s most important piece of jewelry she will ever own, have an honest conversation about her wants and expectations.

The best thing to do is talk it over with your sweetie beforehand. It may seem a bit unromantic, but the 2011 Engagement and Jewelry Study found that 65% of brides are at least somewhat involved in the ring selection, with 31% stating they were ‘very involved,’ even shopping for and/or purchasing the ring with their groom. And why not?  It’s a big purchase both sentimentally and financially, and she’s going to wear this ring for the rest of her life. With something this important, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Speaking of safety, don’t forget to buy engagement ring insurance when you’ve found that perfect bauble. Engagement ring insurance from Lavalier gives you and your bride-to-be peace of mind wherever you go. If your ring is lost, damaged, stolen, or simply disappears one day, Lavalier has you covered.

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