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Stacking Bracelets: A Trend for 2019

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

stacking bracelets

One major jewelry trend for 2019 is an armful of bracelets, which will be especially noticeable on celebrity wrists throughout the awards season. This trend is growing in popularity and really lets you flaunt your personality. It doesn’t matter if your style is edgy, glamourous or bohemian – a stack of bracelets lets you express yourself.

Bracelet stacking isn’t too difficult as any material will work. Thin delicate chains, pearls, gemstone bangles, and even diamond bracelets can layer beautifully with each other. You don’t need to play it safe and keep everything matching. Have fun with your jewelry and make your look edgy and classy at the same time.

How to Start Stacking

Ready to hop on the stacking bandwagon but not sure how to begin? Follow these basics to achieve the perfect layered look.

  1. Try out just 2-4 bracelets for your first attempt. They can all match (or have a similar style) if you aren’t ready to be adventurous yet. Or you can mix it up with different metals and gems. Also, try to incorporate a variety of widths – maybe a mix of bangles with a wide cuff bracelet for a fun look.
  2. Try a set of bangles meant for stacking. Some bracelets are sold in sets and can help take any guesswork and confusion out of the equation while still being on trend.
  3. Don’t over-do it. Creating layers of bracelets should feel fun and manageable, but not something that is weighing you down. Also keep in mind the noise level associated with metal bracelets hitting each other and don’t let your arm become a distraction.
  4. Add function by pairing a few bracelets with a watch. This creates a stack with both style and substance.
  5. Bring life to older pieces. Adding a few different bracelets to an older item is a great way to make it new again.
  6. Comfort matters. If you are stacking bracelets when going to work, keep in mind how much you work on a computer or what the bracelets might hit throughout the day. If it’s going to be an issue, try wearing combinations that won’t be as distracting such as leather, fabric or thin metals. Also if you are right-handed then wear stacks on your left hand.
  7. Layered pearl bracelets are classy and fun, but avoid stacking them with metal bracelets that could scratch the pearls. 

Make It Your Own

Remember there are no rules, so create layers that fit you the best and make a personalized statement that you love. You can go as classic or as funky as you like as long as it’s comfortable for you. When you are ready to protect your valuable pieces, contact Lavalier for a personalized jewelry insurance quote.


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