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Show Off Jewelry with Soft, Smooth Hands

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Show Off Jewelry with Soft, Smooth Hands - Lavalier

Did you receive a piece of fine jewelry over the holidays? Maybe an engagement ring or other beautiful bauble that you are ready to show off? You might be ready to happily display the shiny object on your finger, but your hands might not be as prepared. Now that you have a reason to keep your hands soft and smooth during the rough winter months, use these tips to keep your skin as radiant as your jewels.

Tips for Soft Hands

Winter can be hard on the skin, and is especially harsh on your hands. They have to endure the cold elements while suffering through hot water, hand sanitizers and other things that constantly cause hands to become dry and cracked. Get your skin show-off ready with these tips on getting through the damaging winter weather.

  1. Use natural soap – Soap should not dry out your skin if you choose one with a vegetable glycerin base and avoid chemical-laden ones. Often the more clear the soap, the better it is for your skin.
  2. Choose oil – Skip the smelly lotions and get straight to the source that will moisturize your skin … oil. Coconut oil is the most popular because of its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. If you aren’t ready to commit to using oil on your skin, choose an oil-based moisturizer with natural ingredients rather than a water-based one. Other good ingredients to look for in your hand cream, besides mineral oil, include shea butter, petrolatum, and lanolin.
  3. Keep your lotion/oil on hand – Whatever you choose to use, be sure to have a small bottle with you at all times so you can apply it on the go or while at work.
  4. Bundle up – Protect your hands from the elements by wearing gloves everywhere you go. Whether you pick leather, cotton or polyester, be sure it won’t snag a prong and damage your jewelry. Or even worse, be sure your rings won’t come off when you remove your gloves.
  5. Moisturize before bed – Apply plenty of moisturizer before bed and cover hands with cotton gloves. Keep the gloves on until morning for plenty of healthy hydration.
  6. Drink water – We tend to drink less water during winter because we often prefer warm drinks like coffee and cocoa. However our skin needs hydration from the inside out to stay healthy all year.
  7. Watch the water temp – Hot bath and showers might feel great in winter but try to use lukewarm water whenever you can. This will help to avoid stripping any natural oils from the skin.
  8. Exfoliate – We often forget to exfoliate in the winter, particularly our hands. But moisture cannot get in if too many dead cells are present. Find an exfoliating mask and use on your hands, then follow with a natural moisturizer in order to see a big improvement.
  9. Avoid irritants – Winter skin is more fragile so choose cleansers and moisturizers made for sensitive skin.
  10. Use hand sanitizer sparingly – Overuse of hand sanitizers can dry out hands quickly.
  11. Avoid hand dryers – When using the bathroom, opt for paper towels instead of the automatic dryers.
  12. Cuticle care – While hand creams are great, consider adding a good cuticle treatment to your skin regimen. Massage into your nail beds a couple nights per week.
  13. Humidify your home – Heating systems dry out your skin. Counteract this dryness with a humidifier in your bedroom.


Protect Hands and Jewelry

Maintaining soft and smooth hands during winter not only makes you want to show off your jewelry, but is also leads to healthy skin practices. Regardless of the season, protecting any new valuables should be a top priority. Contact us to receive a personalized jewelry insurance quote from Start the New Year right with protection and peace of mind.



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