Should I Wear My Wedding Ring in the Shower?

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Remove Jewelry in Shower

Wedding rings: there are some who never take theirs off and some who take theirs off all the time. One of the most common questions we encounter is, “Should I wear my ring in the shower?” To help you decide, here are the two primary risks to your jewelry that you should consider before firing up that warm water.

The Drain

Just because your ring is a tight fit doesn’t mean that it won’t slip off while you shampoo. Soap and water can cause even the most snug-fitting items to come loose. In fact, most ring losses occur during water activities.

Even if your ring is too large to fit down the holes in your drain catch, it wouldn’t be unheard of for the stone to come lose from the setting, especially after a fall from your finger onto a hard shower floor. What a tragedy it would be to watch that precious diamond tumble down the drain!

Be especially careful in the winter months when your home is colder. Cold temperatures reduce swelling and can make your fingers shrink, so a losing a ring in soapy water is especially likely on a cool winter morning while you’re getting ready for work.

Abrasive and/or Oily Soaps

Even though they feel smooth to the touch, some soaps can be abrasive to your precious metals and gemstones. Exfoliating soaps are great for your skin, but can really do a number on your rings. The gold and platinum that many wedding and engagement rings are made of is prone to micro scratches. These tiny scratches may not be noticeable at first, but as they collect over time, they will dull the shine of your band.

Diamonds and other gemstones naturally attract oils. When the oils from your bath products come into contact with your rings, they stick to the surface of your stones, blocking the light that gives them their true sparkle. Over time, abrasive and oily soaps can erode the finish on your precious stones.

The best way to keep your rings safe and shining as brilliantly as they day you got them is to remove them before taking a shower. Make sure to store them in a safe place, not on the edge of a counter where they could be knocked down a sink drain.

If you are a never-take-them-off kind of person when it comes to your wedding jewelry, make sure that you have the right drain catch. One with many small holes offers more protection than one with fewer large holes. Take care to avoid abrasive soaps by checking your labels for chemicals and excessive oils.

We all love our jewelry differently. Some of us love our rings by using extra caution to keep them away from chemicals. Others of us love our rings by keeping them on our fingers forever and ever, no matter what. No matter how you love your jewelry, you can protect what you love by insuring it through Lavalier. Learn just how comprehensive coverage can be, and see how easily it fits into your budget by getting your quote on our website in just minutes.

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