Should I Sleep With My Wedding Rings On?

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Sleeping in your wedding ring

Every newly engaged person finds themselves wondering, “Should I take my ring off to sleep?” Here are a few things to consider before dozing off while wearing your jewelry.

Direct Contact

Between sheets, blankets, pillows, and a night’s worth of tossing and turning, your rings receive more direct contact while you’re asleep than they do all day long. This constant pressure and rubbing isn’t good for your rings long-term. You probably won’t ever wake up to a badly damaged ring, but taking it off at night can preserve their shine for much longer.

Raised Settings

If your ring has a raised setting, it can easily poke and snag things during the night. This won’t only damage your sheets, it can be bad news for your ring, too. Gold and platinum are relatively soft metals, so if a prong snags on a sheet, it could become bent out of shape and cause your stone to come lose. Once a tiny diamond is lost in a pile of sheets, it is difficult to find!


Have you ever slept with your jewelry on and woken up to find it painfully tight? When you first wake up, you may not even be able to ease your ring off with soap and water.  This is because our fingers swell during the night, causing jewelry that normally fits fine to become incredibly uncomfortable. Once you’re out from underneath your warm covers and you’ve been upright for several minutes, your fingers will return to their normal size and you’ll be able to slide your rings on with no pressure, no soap, and no worries.


During the day, we wear our rings as symbols of our love and commitment to our spouses, to signify that we are in a marriage relationship, and because they’re just so beautiful. But there is very little purpose in keeping your wedding rings on while you sleep. Nobody will be able to see them – even you won’t be awake to appreciate their beauty.

While sleeping in your rings doesn’t pose the same risks to your jewelry as a day at the beach, it’s still wise to remove your wedding rings before bed to protect them from excess heat, pressure, and contact that could dull and warp them over time. Always remember to store your jewelry in a safe place when you remove it! A ring holder or jewelry box will help prevent your rings from getting bumped and lost.

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