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New Year’s Resolution #1: Insure your jewelry

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

What are your top New Year’s Resolutions? If insuring your jewelry isn’t on your to-do list for January, it’s time to rewrite your goals and make it a priority in 2021!

Resolutions come at a time when we are reflecting on our past year and planning changes and improvements for the coming 365 days. This year we are more excited than ever to start fresh and turn the calendar page. So, kick off a new year with a resolution that will be easy and fast – insure your expensive and meaningful jewelry so it is protected from loss, theft or damage.

Resolve to Make a Resolution

The first day of the year is made for using the lessons of the past one to improve the future. Even the month of January is named for the Roman god Janus – a two-faced god who is looking both forward and backward.

While our resolutions are well-intentioned they usually don’t make it past the first month of the year. That’s why choosing a concrete resolution that you can complete and enjoy for all of 2021 is better than vague goals that are tough to achieve. 

Benefits of Insuring Your Jewelry

If you are still unsure if this should be your No. 1 resolution, check out these benefits of specialized jewelry insurance. You already protect items that are important to you (such as your home and health), and your jewelry is most likely important to you as well.

Why Insure?

  • The average engagement ring costs more than $5,000 and could be your most cherished possession, so it should be insured in case of loss or damage.
  • Many homeowner policies do not cover jewelry in full. To completely cover the cost of replacing a piece, you need a personalized jewelry policy.
  • Typically, the annual premium is only 1-2% of the total value of your jewelry.
  • It also covers damage, not just theft or loss.
  • Insurance allows you to travel without the worry of losing a valuable piece.

Whether it’s an heirloom or a brand-new engagement ring, jewelry can have a great deal of value. Safeguarding your most prized possessions should be at the top of your resolution list in 2021. Contact Lavalier for a fast and anonymous insurance quote today!


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