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Jewelers Find Wedding Bands Crossing Gender Barriers

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Some jewelers have been noticing that brides and grooms are no longer buying rings in their respective gender categories. Men have been purchasing women’s bands while brides are sometimes buying a man’s band. Because of this, jewelers have even considered removing the gender categories all together.

Style Swap

Traditionally, men’s rings have been designed to be thicker and do not feature the fragile settings of women’s bands as they could be damaged easier. But in recent years, these masculine designs have taken on more embellishment making them closer to a unisex style.

More women are foregoing the traditional diamond solitaire or delicate feminine band and opting for a classic and timeless band that more resembles a man’s wedding ring.

The Perfect Unisex Ring

Several ring styles can work for either the bride or groom. These examples can be a great option when the groom picks a larger size in a traditionally feminine style making it a striking masculine statement. Brides can choose slimmer bands in a men’s style for a classic look.

  1. The classic channel set diamond band is great for either gender in the appropriate size
  2. An understated plain band is always a classic look
  3. A band with an engraved texture will make a ring timeless and bold
  4. A two-tone channel-set band features both white and yellow gold
  5. Look for a matte band with any flush-set diamond accent as it can be a stunning choice
  6. A low-dome men’s band works not just for the groom but doubles as a simple band for the bride

Pick then Protect

With so many couples coming in to jewelry retailers and choosing from the opposite gender’s ring selection, jewelers are considering removing the labels on wedding rings. Some are already offering a unisex category. No matter what type of ring the bride or groom ends up choosing, be sure that every wedding band and engagement ring you pick is insured with personalized jewelry insurance from Lavalier.


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