Proposing this holiday? Make it memorable!

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Wedding Advice


Proposing marriage is a milestone in your life. You’ll be telling this story to friends and family for years, decades. So, make the proposal memorable. Here are a few decisions you’ll need to make.

Decision 1: Buy the ring in advance or pick it out together?

Chances are the two of you have already talked about your future together. You could ask your loved one a hypothetical question: “If we were to get engaged, would you want to select an engagement ring together or be surprised?” Or, enlist a trusted friend to find out.

If she wants to be surprised, nothing is better than working with her preferred jeweler to select the perfect expression of your love and life together. Either way, this is a “forever purchase” so take time to make the right choice.

Decision 2: When & where

Do you have a target date? Perhaps Dec. 31 at the big New Year’s party or before dessert is served during the holiday meal when the house is bursting with family? Be sure the two of you are on the same page before she’s pressured for an answer in front of a crowd. Perhaps you want something more intimate … a candlelit dinner or horse-drawn carriage ride.

Check out The Knot for seven memorable proposal ideas.

Decision 3: How to protect the ring

An engagement ring is a big investment, emotionally and financially. Do the responsible thing … insure it. It takes less than a minute to get a jewelry insurance quote on We offer worldwide coverage from loss, theft or damage.

Good luck! Remember your beautiful bride deserves a beautiful ring she will treasure forever.


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