10% premium discount for AGS, GIA and GSI grading reports

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry

Piggy Bank Tiara Pic - Get a 10% Discount for Grading Reports


We love getting grading reports so much, we’ll give you a 10% premium discount when you submit a grading report from the American Gem Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or Gemological Science International (GSI) with your insurance application.

Why? First, it helps assure that your jewelry is properly insured. Second, in a claim situation, the information on this report helps us make sure you receive a repair or replacement of the same quality as your original piece.

No other insurance carrier offers a premium discount for AGS, GIA and GSI grading reports.

Get an anonymous, instant insurance quote at Lavalier.com by entering just your ZIP code, value of item to be insured and your choice of deductible.

If satisfied with the quote, complete an online application. The 10% premium discount for the grading report is calculated when you submit the application. Lavalier, offered in all 50 states, offers comprehensive, worldwide coverage for loss, damage, theft, mysterious disappearance/unexplained loss, wear and tear, newly purchased jewelry and jewelry in transit for inspection, repair or sale.

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