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What Are the Next Big Jewelry Trends?

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Next Big Jewelry Trends

You might be on top of every seasonal trend for your clothing wardrobe, but are you keeping up with what’s new for your jewelry? Consider adding a few trending pieces to your jewelry box for a new and updated look.

Top 10 New Trends

A recent survey asked more than 800 jewelers in North America to predict the “next big thing” in jewelry. They responded with these top 10 trends to be on the lookout for in your local jewelry stores.

  1. Lab-created diamonds: These sparklers are created through an industrial process, as opposed to a geological process that creates natural diamonds. The chemical composition is the same but they differ in origin and value.

  2. Yellow gold: This has been making a comeback thanks to vintage-inspired jewelry and celebrity rings such as Meghan Markle’s three-stone beauty in yellow gold.

  3. Spinel stones: Spinel gemstones often have a more modest price, are available in nearly any color, and are durable with a Mohs hardness of 8, all of which makes them very appealing.

  4. Silver jewelry: This metal is versatile, timeless, and sophisticated, making it a great choice for your jewelry wardrobe.

  5. Custom bridal jewelry: More and more couples are creating personalized bridal jewelry for their engagement rings or wedding bands. Making something unique allows them to tell their own love story.

  6. Stackable rings and bracelets: These can make a subtle or bold statement and allow you to mix and match for a customized effect. This popular trend allows you to easily express your unique style.

  7. Men’s jewelry: Engagement rings for men have been growing in popularity to show their love and commitment for their bride-to-be. Men are also starting to choose fashion rings as an engagement ring, and they have more options than ever for their wedding bands.

  8. Pearls: While these have been a classic staple for jewelry wardrobes, they are now making a comeback for a newer generation. Consider wearing them in a more laid back way with jeans and a casual top for an updated approach. Think coffee shop instead of country club.

  9. Alternative and asymmetrical bridal jewelry: Asymmetrical jewelry and stones are going to have a major moment (along with oval diamonds and three-stone rings). Today’s bride doesn’t want her ring to look traditional and an asymmetrical stone gives her that unique and personal touch.

  10. Vintage or pre-owned jewelry: Vintage jewelry can connect you to history and provide a sense of significance and meaning. You can also redesign you own older piece for a custom look that you will love to show off.

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