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How to Pick Your Engagement Ring Metal

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Choosing an Engagement Ring Metal

Choosing the metal that will last a lifetime for your engagement and wedding ring is not just about picking yellow or white anymore. There is a whole range of possibilities; and questions regarding favorite styles and durability should be addressed before saying “I Do” to a metal preference.

Picking a Precious Metal

This choice can be overwhelming knowing it’s going to be the most worn item you’ve ever owned and you want to get this right! Pondering platinum? Wondering about white gold? Just consider your style or your partner’s style and use this cheat sheet to go over some other factors that might sway you toward one sparkly color or another.

  1. Platinum – Its cool luster is a great choice for showcasing a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle.
    • Very durable
    • Good for an active lifestyle
    • Naturally hypoallergenic
  2. Gold – It is very versatile and is a common choice for many.
    • Comes in karats (typically 18, 14 and 10k)
    • The higher the karat number, the more saturated the color
    • Has several options including yellow, white and rose gold
  3. Sterling Silver – This long-standing metal is also affordable.
    • Great choice for a luxury look at a lower price
    • Needs upkeep as it can scratch and tarnish
    • Must be cleaned and polished regularly

Types of Gold:

  • Yellow: This is a classic metal and it gets its color from the red of copper and green of silver.
  • White: This is a more contemporary option and is plated with rhodium preventing scratches and tarnishing.
  • Rose: Unique and romantic, it uses a different mix of alloys to obtain its special color.

Less Common Metals

In addition to these major metals on the market, there are a couple of extra choices that have become popular in recent years.

  1. Titanium – It is an incredibly strong and lightweight ring metal
    • Modern and unique
    • Scratch resistant
    • Easy to maintain
    • Cannot be resized ever
  2. Tungsten – This is four times stronger than titanium
    • Scratch resistant
    • Affordable
    • Cannot be resized ever

Whatever you choose remember a few important tips:

  • Take good care of your ring – metal and gemstone – and have it inspected annually or bi-annually.
  • Remove it before working out, working in the yard, swimming, or anything else that might harm your ring.
  • Be careful when mixing metals on your engagement and wedding ring as different carat weights will wear differently. You want your rings to have a similar appearance over time.
  • Insure it so you don’t have to worry about loss, damage or theft.

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