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New Twists on a Classic: Pearls in 2021

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Pearl Trends in 2021

We’re all ready for some fun fashion trends this year to help shake off the dust from 2020. Last year’s endless zoom calls were made only a bit more engaging due to above-the-neck accessories.

In 2021, we are going to see pearls continue their stay in the limelight. Plus, there will be a few new ways to style this classic look. No matter what shimmery styles you choose this year, you’ll look great in the boardroom or logging in from the living room.

Pearl Perfection

Get ready to add one or more of these to your jewelry wardrobe:

  1. Mismatched earrings
    Think one long drop pearl earring paired up with a stud in the other ear.
  2. Beads and pearls
    Colorful beaded necklaces will be all the rage this spring. You’ll be vacation-ready when you combine fun with classic and choose a mix of colorful beads and pearls all on one strand.
  3. Baroque pearls
    Their irregular shape gives an updated look to a timeless piece.
  4. Links and pearls
    Edgy chain links combined with pearls will be spotted in both bracelet and necklace form.
  5. Threader earrings
    Imagine the classic threader but with a pearl drop at the end.
  6. Choker
    Look for an open choker with a pearl end.
  7. Single earring
    This style has been creeping into the spotlight for some time and this is its year! Think long or statement-making when choosing your single piece.

These definitely are not your grandmother’s dainty strands. Not only can you add to your jewelry wardrobe with some of these fun and updated looks, but consider layering and mismatching your pearl choices for an even more custom and personalized pearl style. Remember the old saying this spring: the more, the merrier. Shop for a perfect pearl addition to your life, and don’t forget insurance. The best way to care for your pearls is to protect them from damage or loss with Lavalier.


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