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Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry

Insuring Jewelry Is Just A Click Away

What do a Rolex, diamond earrings, a jeweled family heirloom, and an engagement ring all have in common? In addition to being beautiful items to behold and wear, they’re also quite valuable. Like all valuables they should be insured. In fact, your jewelry might be more valuable than your car, maybe even your house. Those items are insured, so why not insure your jewelry?

Lavalier: A Personal Jewelry Insurance Company

That’s where Lavalier comes in – we are a personal jewelry insurance company. We know what it means to insure your jewelry. In addition to helping you insure jewelry against loss and theft, we also help protect jewelry against damage such as cracked or scratched diamonds and lost jewels that have fallen out of a setting. And we understand what it’s like when you find not just the perfect jewelry, but the perfect jeweler. Once you’ve found a jeweler you trust, of course that’s who you would want to repair or replace your jewelry if needed.  That’s why when you insure your jewelry with Lavalier you may have your insured items repaired by your jeweler, not a cheaper, repair-only jeweler as most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance companies require. But if you don’t have a local jeweler, you can always select one of the fine jewelers in our network to fix or replace the damaged or lost item.

Insurance through Lavalier provides both more coverage and more flexibility than most other options. Typically, if you add your jewelry to your existing homeowner’s policy, there can be restrictions on how claims are handled. What’s more, jewelry claims on a homeowner’s policy can affect the premium on the whole policy. Since jewelry is smaller and more delicate than, for example, your high-end TV and stereo system and since you travel with your jewelry, it is much more vulnerable to damage, theft, or loss. Why risk increasing the cost of your existing homeowner’s policy if something happens to your jewelry? Through Lavalier it’s easier and inexpensive to insure your jewelry separately.

Insure Your Jewelry In Ten Minutes

Imagine your next visit to your favorite jeweler – whether it’s for an engagement ring or whether while “just looking” you fall in love with a diamond tennis bracelet, ruby necklace, or vintage wristwatch. Now imagine being able to protect the jewelry you are about to purchase before you leave the store.  All you need is access to a computer with an Internet connection and you can get your jewelry insured online.

Lavalier is a jewelry insurance company designed to make insuring jewelry fast and easy. That’s why we set up the whole process online. When you visit our website and enter a few simple pieces of information, Lavalier can provide a quote online in under a minute. If you like the quote, you can purchase a policy online or over the phone in less than ten minutes. It’s that easy. And both our website and our customer service representatives are here to help answer any questions you might have about jewelry insurance.

How To Insure Jewelry Online

Getting a Lavalier insurance policy couldn’t be easier. Visit the Lavalier jewelry insurance website enter your zip code, estimated value of the jewelry you want to insure, choose a deductible amount, and then click to get a quote.

Like the quote you got? Simply complete a short application form that includes a few basic questions about your jewelry and then you can go ahead and purchase the jewelry insurance policy. That’s it; the policy will be delivered online. You will have to provide an appraisal of the jewelry within 10 days, but that won’t keep you from getting insured within minutes. The beauty of purchasing a jewelry insurance policy online is that you will always have easy access to it whenever you need it. All the policies issued by Lavalier are underwritten by Berkley National Insurance Company, an A-rated insurance carrier with decades of experience in specialty insurance. So you can rest assured that if you ever have to make a claim, we’ll be there for you.

Jewelry is a beautiful thing to behold, often has special meaning, and may be something you wear and enjoy daily. While none of us like to think about something happening to the jewelry we love so much, it’s quite possible that it could get damaged or even worse, lost or stolen.  Purchasing jewelry insurance that covers all of these scenarios can give you the peace of mind to wear your favorite jewelry with confidence. Have a piece you love, but have been afraid to wear it? Get it insured and stop looking at in the jewelry box and start wearing it.

Did you know there was insurance just for jewelry or have questions about how to insure jewelry online? Let us know in the comments below.

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