Birthstone Spotlight: November

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Whether you are searching for a perfect November birthday gift, or just want to treat yourself, either of the two November birthstones make a great choice. Not only are they a beautiful amber color (in addition to many other colors), but topaz and citrine are affordable and come with long histories and symbolic meanings.

Topaz, believed to be symbolic of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, has a golden glow and fiery intensity. It is thought to balance emotions and thoughts for a harmonious life. Citrine has equally positive characteristics and was given the title of “the success stone” in earlier times. It encourages vitality and promotes good health. It is even believed to bring hope, peace, strength, prosperity, vitality and energy.

History of These “Sacred” Stones

The name topaz comes from Topazios, the ancient Greek name for St. Johns Island in the Red Sea. During the European Renaissance, people believed topaz could break spells and quell anger. Hindus even deemed it to be sacred and believed that a pendant could bring its wearer wisdom and longevity.

Because citrine so closely resembled topaz, the two were often confused and explains why both have been used as the November birthstone. People also believed that citrine had the same powers as topaz so it was also used as a talisman. Once it was distinguished as being a different gemstone than topaz, citrine became very popular as it was more affordable and attainable.

Tough and Durable

Topaz is found in many places including Russia, Brazil, Australia and Africa and is nearly as hard as a diamond. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, topaz can come in the form of tiny crystals and even massive rocks. The most famous and sought after of all the types of topaz is Imperial Topaz, which was named for Russian czars in the 1800s and is said to resemble the setting sun. This version is also known as “precious topaz.”

Natural citrine, a type of quartz, is not common in nature. After amethyst, it is the most popular quartz. Since it is naturally very rare, most citrine is created by heat treating purple amethyst or smoked quartz. It is quite durable, which makes it a great birthstone choice for everyday wear. Citrine is primarily found in Brazil, Africa and Spain.

Ready to Purchase?

Either topaz or citrine can make a thoughtful birthday gift for someone celebrating their big day in November. Topaz is not only popular for a birthstone gift but can be given to a significant other to celebrate a 19th wedding anniversary or any other occasion. It is fairly affordable and available in many shades and colors.

Citrine can fit nearly any budget as it is abundant and more affordable than topaz. It is readily available in sizes up to 20 carats and as size goes up the price does not increase proportionally, so large gem sizes are still affordable. Citrine can also be given as a 13th wedding anniversary present.

These stones make a wonderful gift; the long history of each can represent a long-lasting relationship.


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