Jewelry Trends for Millennial Women

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Jewelry Trends for Millennial Women

Today’s millennial woman has many choices for her jewelry wardrobe compared to her mother’s generation. This woman wants meaning over carat weight. She chooses personality over traditional styles. The millennial woman often has bold taste, loves color, and mixes costume jewelry with her diamond, gold and gemstones pieces.

Top Millennial Choices

The jewelry trends for today’s woman reflect her personal choices:

  1. Colored gemstones – She likes individuality; her jewelry tastes give her a chance to show off this creativity and style. A unique gemstone piece often provides sentimental value.

  2. Non-traditional designs – She may shy away from traditional designs in favor of a style that will complement her personality.

  3. Customized pieces – These are gaining in popularity, highlighting individual personality and style. A customized engagement ring can even reflect the story of her relationship.

  4. Bold choices – She prefers to stand out and make her own statement with bold choices in her jewelry.

  5. Pearls with a twist – Pearls are just as popular today as ever before, but they aren’t your grandmother’s strand. The millennial woman may seek rare pearls in various colors.

  6. Practicality for moms – The millennial mother often chooses pieces which are beautiful while being practical and affordable. She may opt for the perfect stud earring in a unique shape.

  7. Environmentally-friendly – She cares about the environment and looks for companies that use ethically-sourced materials. She usually researches a specific brand before buying.

  8. Buys for herself – More than half of all millennial women purchase their own jewelry.

Personality and Style

With the rising cost of living, school loans, and vacation wants, today’s woman often opts for beautiful but slightly more affordable jewelry choices. She doesn’t always reach for the diamonds like her mother and grandmother before her. Because of her personal and unique taste, millennials are shaking up the traditional jewelry styles and making each piece memorable. When ready to insure any of these customized and individual items, contact us at Lavalier for a personalized jewelry insurance quote.


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