Men’s Style For Summer Weddings: 3 Trendy and Timeless Ideas

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Worry Free Weddings

Breaking news: Men care a lot about how they look, they just hide it well. (Except for Kanye West, we all know how amazing he thinks he is…) Especially on their wedding day. The guy who is perfectly content to go out to dinner in jeans and his old college t-shirt wants to be uncharacteristically pulled together on his wedding day. Brides have a million options, from classic to cutting edge, and can be overwhelmed by the decision making process…but it’s a process they revel in. Men, on the other hand, don’t always know how to pull the look they want together, or what they can do to accessorize the perfect tux in a way that makes them feel like a million bucks.

Fear not! Here are 3 trends for summer that are easy to love.

1. The Bow Tie

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Bow ties are smart and even a bit whimsical. There’s something about them that implies intellectualism and modern preppiness. Coordinate it with your cummerbund, or choose a pattern or color that shows your personality. Since bow ties are so on trend right now, there are shops and websites popping up all over the place. Check out the selection at to get you started.

2. The Boutonniere

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Step outside the boutonniere box with something unique and creative. Instead of a rose, try a succulent, fresh herbs, twigs, or laurels. Coordinating this with your bride’s bouquet will keep you two looking like a match made in heaven. For some great advice on how to wear a boutonniere, check this out.

3. The Vest

Even if you aren’t a hipster, when done right you can definitely pull off a vest and look like a dashing dude. You could get one custom made to match your bride’s accent tone or… if you met in college, try your college colors. A vintage vest could be your very own “something old”, and you can find a great selection of them on Etsy. Get your groomsmen in on the action, and your wedding photos will be a lot more fun! Just ask these guys…

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