Long Lost Wedding Ring, Recovered On The Beach!

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Two years ago, Sarah and Greg Lindsay were enjoying a romantic afternoon at the beach in Goleta. During a rousing game of football, Greg’s wedding ring went “long”, landing in the water. He sadly didn’t notice until later on that day, and the ring at that point, could have been anywhere.

“I thought it was somewhere in the Pacific. I thought after losing it, there’s no way it would come back on shore.” he said.

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Early this April, Jenn Birchim was enjoying a day with her family at the very same beach. She spotted something shiny in the sand, and was startled to discover it was not a bottle cap, as she’d presumed, but a wedding ring. Further inspection revealed an inscription: “My Love, My Life, My Lobster”.

“My Lobster” is a reference to the Friends episode in which Pheobe explains to Ross and Rachel that lobsters couple off and spend their entire lives together. It clearly was symbolic to the couple, enough to engrave this sentiment on the ring.

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Though she had no idea what this meant at the time, she empathized with what the loss of the ring meant to it’s rightful owner. Inspired to reunite the Lobster to his ring, she took to Facebook. Jenn posted her story, along with pictures of the ring, and the post was shared by thousands of people – romantics, really. Finally, the post made it’s way to the page of a co-worker of Sarah Lindsay.

“She read everything that you had posted and I was like, ‘That’s my ring! It’s my husbands ring!’ She showed it to me and sure enough, it was the ring,” Sarah said.

It only took four days to find the Lindsays, after two years of assuming it was gone forever.

“Totally resorted my faith in humanity. I was like wow, there are still honest good people out here like Jenn, to be able to do the right thing. So it was pretty cool,” said Greg.

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Since the Lindsay’s are expecting a child this August, the serendipitous act of kindness and stroke of luck meant just a little more to them. New beginnings, all around!

Something so valuable, that you wear daily, especially a thing as meaningful and treasured as your wedding ring, should be protected by a sound jewelry insurance policy. Avoid tempting the fates, and make sure you are covered for loss and accidental damage. You may not be as lucky as the Lindsays, but you’ll be as happy as they are at the end of the day. Without waiting two years for closure.

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