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Large, Sculpted Chokers are Trending this Fall

Written by: Melissa Becker | | Jewelry

Chokers have had a long history of adorning women’s necks in many different forms. Now, they are growing in popularity again, but this time instead of dainty styles, the newest trend has them appearing in heavy, sculptured versions.

Fashion comes and goes but a good piece of jewelry will have longevity. A statement-making choker is perfect to invest in for your fall and winter wardrobe. Consider pairing it with a sweater or tailored outerwear for a sophisticated look.

History of Chokers

The choker necklace dates back thousands of years when some of the world’s oldest civilizations chose to wear them in precious metals and with lavish gemstones. They were said to invoke special powers, and even today chokers have us under their spell.

It’s no wonder they have never truly disappeared from our jewelry boxes even though their popularity has come and gone. Historical figures such as Anne Boleyn and Queen Victoria were painted while wearing beautiful chokers. They were around most necks in the roaring 20s, and even had historical significance during the French Revolution, as women wore them to support those killed by the guillotine.

Even though the meaning today is not as symbolic, the idea of having a power silhouette curve around the neck is just as enticing.

What to Wear

Chokers made their modern comeback in the 1990s and the look is now updated to give us a sleeker and more grown-up feel that will remain timeless. It is a great combination of nostalgia with a modern twist.

Look for these trending types:

  • Large tubular choker
  • Modern, sculpted design
  • Adorned with gemstones
  • An open choker for a sleek and classic look
  • Large geometric shapes
  • Prominent metal design (think floral)
  • A chunky statement
  • Chain link design

No matter what type of choker speaks to you, it is a powerful piece to add to your wardrobe. Chokers never truly go out of style and will be something you reach for when needing to make a statement with your jewelry.


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