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Traveling with expensive jewelry doesn’t have to give you anxiety. With the right planning, you can keep your Jewelry Safe While Traveling, but still enjoy them during vacations, special occasion trips or even business travel. Follow these tips to be prepared and help ensure its safekeeping.

Plan Ahead and Be Smart

The more planning you can do to prevent loss or theft, the better. It is worth the extra steps to be sure your valuables make it safely home with you.

  1. Take jewelry on board with you: Pack jewelry in your carry-on bag or personal item taken on board a plane or train. Never pack it in your checked luggage where it is out of sight and could be searched. This puts your jewelry at risk of theft. Keeping your jewelry in your possession is the best way to prevent damage or loss.
  2. Use an appropriate case. Within your carry-on, keep items in a case made specifically for storing jewelry. Look for one with plenty of padding to avoid scratches, and it should have separate compartments to keep pieces from tangling.
  3. Make a list and take photos. Make a list of the items you are bringing. Before you leave, take photographs (or even videos) of each piece … just in case.
  4. Don’t leave unattended. Keep your valuables with you at all times. If you leave your jewelry in an unattended bag inside a car or hand it to a hotel staff member to take to your room, you are putting it at unnecessary risk. Keep your valuables with you at all times.
  5. Use a safe. Call ahead to be sure the hotel has security for your fine jewelry – either an in-room safe or a hotel safe. Never leave your jewelry unattended in the hotel as cleaning staff has access to every room. Also, if a thief believes there are valuables inside, the doors can be compromised.
  6. Be sure your jewelry is insured. While some insure their jewelry on a homeowners policy, you’ll get broader, worldwide coverage and peace of mind with a specialized jewelry policy, such as Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance, that covers loss, theft and damage.
  7. Jewelry left at home. Choose a safe or an inconspicuous place in your home to store jewelry while you are away. Thieves go straight to dressers or jewelry boxes when searching for your most valuable jewelry.

Ensure Safety by Insuring

Your fine jewelry means a lot to you and you should enjoy it as much as possible. But it is important to plan and protect against the risks that are specific to these valuable pieces. Contact us for more information and let us make sure you have peace of mind, at home and away with personal jewelry insurance.


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