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Top Jewelry Trends for the 2020 Holiday Season

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and you might be thinking of gifting jewelry to a few people on your list. But deciding exactly what kind of jewelry to give is the toughest part of the buying process.

Whether you are planning to shop in person or from your couch, get inspired with these most popular pieces this year. Your family and friends will be clamoring to stay off the naughty list with gifts like these!

1. Minimalist Jewelry
These pieces can be simple yet dazzling and may even make a bigger statement than large jewelry.
Examples: diamond studs, pendant necklace, diamond bracelet, pearl necklace

2. Stackable Rings
This has been a major trend all year and comes in any style that will suit your gift-giving needs.
Examples: mixed or matched styles, multicolored shades of gold, mixed metals, or a ring that looks like multiple pieces but is all-in-one

3. Dainty Studs
You can never go wrong with this classic look. It is the perfect gift for any age group or style.
Examples: gemstone studs, birthstone studs, pearl earrings, diamond studs

4. Personalized Jewelry
This custom piece makes a perfect and heartfelt gift for anyone on your shopping list this season.
Examples: engraved nameplate necklace, initial pendant necklace, initial earrings

5. Mixed Metals
Pieces with mixed metals can have silver and one or more shades of gold: yellow, rose or white.
Examples: ring, necklace or bracelet

6. Interlocking/Infinity Jewelry
Giving this symbolic gift is a wonderful way to show the special connection you have with that person.
Examples: rings with an infinity symbol on top, bracelets and pendants

7. Matching Sets
This couple’s gift is a popular way to show someone how much they mean to you.
Examples: a couple’s necklace set, matching wrap or beaded bracelets

8. Colored Gemstones
Specific colored gems are trending this season including blush pinks and various shades of turquoise.
Examples: rings or studs that showcase these colored gems

You won’t have to check your list twice this year if you gift these on-trend pieces. Everyone on your nice list will be jumping for joy when they see the sparkle inside. Don’t forget to give the biggest gift – reminding them to insure their new treasures with personalized jewelry insurance from Lavalier.


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