Jewelry Insurance for Travelers

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry

Lavalier Jewelry Insurance for Travelers

Any fashionista knows that the best part of owning gorgeous jewelry is getting to show it off – and that doesn’t just mean wearing it around the house or to the mall. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, you always stuff your suitcase (or two or three or five) with your favorite outfits and jewelry staples. But any change in routine makes it more likely that your jewelry will be misplaced or stolen, so jewelry insurance is an absolute must for any on-the-go guy or gal. What does a jetsetter need to know about jewelry insurance before traveling?

Know Before You Go

When you’re choosing an insurance policy, go over the basics like coverage and price to be sure the policy will meet your needs. You don’t just want coverage if your jewelry is stolen or lost at home. At Lavalier, we believe your jewelry insurance should travel with you, whether you’re going to the grocery store or flying halfway across the world. Coverage through Lavalier protects you in almost every imaginable situation, wherever your travels take you. So go scuba diving, take that bungee jump, or pet an exotic animal. Just watch out for your fingers – we can help with a lost or stolen ring, but we don’t cover body parts!

Keep It Safe

Some less-than-savory characters see tourists as ripe for the picking when it comes to jewelry theft. Don’t let this happen to you! Follow these tips to keep your rings on your fingers and bracelets on your wrists. Jewelry insurance through Lavalier protects against theft no matter where you are, but that’s no reason to be careless. That jewelry looks much better on you than it does on the average sticky-fingered thief!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Murano glass earrings from Venice, jade bracelets from Hong Kong, ropes of Tahitian pearls – what’s a vacation without a little shopping? Frequent fliers especially appreciate Lavalier’s automatic coverage for new jewelry. Any jewelry you purchase at home or abroad while insured through Lavalier receives limited coverage for up to thirty days. And when you get home, you can easily add it to your policy.

Coverage through Lavalier doesn’t stop at jewelry purchases for yourself. Gifts for family and friends are also covered. If you buy insurance for an item of jewelry and then give it as a gift (like an engagement ring), the insurance stays with the item. That’s not always true when you’re insured through your homeowners or renters insurance.

Lavalier lets you travel in style, knowing that your favorite pieces of jewelry are safe wherever you go.  Get a free quote online in less than a minute. What more could you ask for?

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