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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Bridal Party

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Wedding Advice

Jewelry Gift Ideas Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids play a big part in making your wedding day perfect, so it’s only natural to give them something as a token of your appreciation. Jewelry is the perfect “thank you” gift for being by your side on this special day and every day leading up to it.

Finding the right gift for your bridal party doesn’t have to be daunting if you use these tips to select the right piece of jewelry they can wear on your wedding day and beyond.

Shopping Do’s

Because weddings take so much preparation, it can be wise to shop early and get this task marked off your to-do list. As your big day approaches you will have a lot of last-minute decisions so the less you have to worry about the better.

When you are browsing for ideas, keep in mind this is not an area you should skimp on. Your bridesmaids are putting a lot of time, effort and even money into your wedding and you want to show how much you appreciate them. As a general rule, consider spending $75 to $150 on each bridesmaid. Plus budget a little more for your Maid of Honor to thank her for all of her hard work.

Finding the Right Look

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the exact same dress and getting matching jewelry. If your bridal party is wearing different gowns, feel free to buy something that will match each dress. Choose what every individual will love and just keep the price points similar so no one feels slighted. The thoughtfulness of choosing a unique piece of jewelry for each person will not go unnoticed.

If you are planning to purchase necklaces, consider the neckline of each dress to get the right look for your bridesmaids:

    • Strapless: Anything goes with this neckline, but try to draw attention to the neck and collarbone.
    • Sweetheart: Choose a classic collar necklace that does not compete with the lines of the gown.
    • V-neck: With all eyes on the neckline, choose a choker necklace.
    • One-shoulder: A necklace can be too much so choose earrings and a bracelet.

Gift Ideas for Every Bridesmaid

With so many options out there from necklaces to rings, here are some great ideas that could be the right fit for your bridesmaids:

  1. Knot ring or bracelet – Use the motif of the wedding for a cute and casual gift.
  2. Stud earrings – These are perfect for the wedding day and for anything after.
  3. Birthstone jewelry – Show how much you appreciate each individual with this gift.
  4. XO earrings – keep the theme of love going with these cute studs, where one is an X and the other an O.
  5. Heart necklace – This is great for the theme of love and there are so many options to find one you like.
  6. Initial necklace – This gift will make each bridesmaid feel special.
  7. Pearls – These are classic and timeless, plus you can do just one item or a full set.
  8. Gold or silver hoops – This is another gift that is perfect for the wedding and beyond. Be sure to choose the same metal that you will be wearing as the bride.
  9. Delicate bracelet with crystals – This is a great accessory for anyone and any occasion.
  10. Pendant necklace – With so many options you can choose something modern, classic or even a plate with an initial for a custom look.
  11. Locket necklace – Lockets are always a special gift and can even be engraved for more meaning.
  12. Any matching set – Gifting earrings and a necklace together is a thoughtful way to provide everything she will need on the wedding day.

Make it Easy and Thoughtful

You have a million things to do from dress fittings to seating charts so plan early and keep it simple for yourself. A piece of jewelry is the perfect token of appreciation and a thoughtful gift each bridesmaid will cherish for years to come.


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