Jewelry Gift Guide For Your Girlfriend

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Girlfriend Jewelry Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you want to be on your game when it comes to gift giving. Even if you start out with the best of intentions, picking out a personal, statement-making piece of jewelry for your girlfriend can be a difficult road to tread. Lavalier has come up with a few guidelines to help you avoid any pitfalls, so you come out looking like a king!

Never buy your girlfriend a ring…

Unless you’re proposing, obviously. Don’t even give her any gifts that come in a ring-like box. If you show your mom the wrapped-up present and she squeals with excitement and asks if you’re proposing, your girlfriend is going to leap to the same conclusion. Even if you’ve tucked the world’s most beautiful pair of earrings into that package, she’s still going to be disappointed that it’s not ‘the ring.’ That doesn’t mean you can’t give her earrings; just make sure you put them in an appropriate (repeat, not ring-sized) box.

Go with what you know

Have you ever seen your girlfriend wear a puka-shell necklace? What about tribal-inspired jewelry, or chunky necklaces that look more like abstract art than an accessory? If you’ve never seen her wear anything like this, it’s probably not because she’s just been waiting for someone to give it to her. It’s because she doesn’t like it. If she opens your gift and says something like, “Oh, how unusual!” or “That’s different!” or “Isn’t that unique!” then you’ve probably broken this rule. Instead, find out what designers she likes. Does she follow a particular trend or style? By paying attention to what she does wear, you can get a better sense of what you should buy.

Don’t cheap out

We’re not saying you have to drop a few grand on jewelry, but the jewelry that a man gives his girlfriend should be special. Go to a reputable jewelry store and avoid the impulse buy rack near the checkout counter at Express. A proper gift should be something that really wows her, not something she might pick up on a whim.

With these guidelines in mind, check out this no-fail guide to great gifts for your girlfriend. With choices for every budget, these jewelry items are sure to please even the pickiest of princesses.

Tiffany's Infinity Pendant

Tiffany Infinity Pendant by Tiffany & Co., $200

Every girl loves to see that robin’s egg blue box peeking out from the wrapping paper, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get her something from Tiffany’s. This beautiful 16” sterling silver chain boasts an infinity pendant, a symbol that may seem corny coming from other guys. But when it comes from you? Her heart will melt! And for only $200, you can’t go wrong.

Luna Pearl Earrings

Luna Pearl Earrings by Lagos, $495

Every girl deserves a gorgeous set of pearls (see our guide to pearls for more about the different types), and this pair of earrings certainly fits the bill. You may not be sure if your girlfriend prefers gold or silver jewelry, so this gift will have you covered no matter what. These 18K gold and sterling silver earrings feature cultured freshwater pearls, as well as the ‘x’ design that Lagos jewelry is known for. These will become her go-to earrings!

Sapphire Halo Diamond Pendant

Sapphire Halo Diamond Pendant by Brilliant Earth, $975

This simple, elegant necklace is one she’ll never want to take off. Luckily, she won’t have to; it’s versatile enough for any outfit! The 18K white gold chain offsets the brilliant central sapphire. Bonus points if you’re dating a September baby – it’s her birthstone!

Diamond Illusion Bracelet

Diamond Illusion Bracelet in White Gold by Brilliance, $1950

Here’s a piece that will really make your girl light up! The Diamond Illusion bracelet boasts eighty-six round cut diamonds that form a ring-like chain. This dazzling piece can be worn on its own for maximum impact. The brightness of 14K white gold enhances the 1 ½ carat of total diamond weight. This super-sparkler bracelet will be the gem of her jewelry box.

Woven Braided Cuff

Woven Braided Cuff by John Hardy, $6,800

If your loved one was extra-good this year, she deserves a treat in the form of this 18K gold woven cuff. With 0.71 carats of pavé diamonds, this is a bracelet meant for special occasions. The intricate weave is a timeless pattern featured throughout John Hardy’s classic chain collection. Just be careful – she may love this cuff so much, she’ll want the rest of the pieces in the collection, too!

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