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Jewelry Anniversary Gifts for Years 11+: Part 2

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Shopping for just the right anniversary gift can be a bit overwhelming, so let us help you pick the perfect present with our two-part series. This can help guide you through the gift-giving process as we offer suggestions for what to give on anniversaries beyond year 10.

In Part 1, we covered what to give for the first 10 years of marriage. Now we continue beyond this first decade because a bond that has lasted this long is definitely something to be celebrated. Ever since the tradition started in the Middle Ages, anniversaries have been associated with specific gemstones. Check out each gem and its corresponding year to get a gift that will wow your significant other as you celebrate your special day.

Jewelry Anniversary Gifts

Years and Their Gems

11th Anniversary – Turquoise

Turquoise can be a green, green-blue, or even light to deep blue. It looks beautiful in sterling silver or in other modern settings, and can be paired with leather.

12th Anniversary – Jade

Even though it can be found in many colors, its signature color is green. Jade is often carved into beads for necklaces and earrings.

13th Anniversary – Citrine

Great when paired with diamonds, this yellow or yellow-orange stone is popular and affordable.

14th Anniversary – Opal

Opal has a lot of variety and can be transparent to opaque. It’s usually a creamy white with a rainbow of colors.

15th Anniversary – Ruby

Rubies are a bold declaration of devotion and can be found in any type of jewelry as they are hard and durable. Any ruby jewelry makes a great gift as these gems are symbols of love and passion.

16th Anniversary – Peridot

This stone comes in many shades of green, but is typically a lime green shade. Peridot is a softer stone, so be careful if choosing it in a ring; earrings or pendant are great choices.   

17th Anniversary – Watches

This anniversary can be a great time to treat your special guy. Plus any woman will appreciate a nice timepiece, as well.

18th Anniversary – Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye is a gemstone that has been cut into a cabochon so it displays a narrow band of concentrated light across its width. Chrysoberyl’s cat’s eye is most known, but this banding effect can also occur in quartz, sapphire, and ruby.

19th Anniversary – Aquamarine

Often a symbol of fidelity and hope, it is named for the shifting colors of the Caribbean Sea.

20th Anniversary – Emerald

Classic, elegant, and perfect for special occasions, emeralds are great in any jewelry. You can’t go wrong with a bold ring or beautiful earrings. Note that this stone requires special care.

Keep the Tradition Going

Making it to 20 years of marriage is a major milestone worth celebrating, but don’t stop the gift giving there. Keep treating your special someone to an anniversary piece each year with these jewelry ideas as you continue your love story.

  • Iolite – 21 years
  • Spinel – 22 years
  • Imperial Topaz – 23 years
  • Tanzanite – 24 years
  • Silver Jubilee – 25 years
  • Pearl Jubilee – 30 years
  • Emerald – 35 years
  • Ruby – 40 years
  • Sapphire – 45 years
  • Golden Jubilee – 50 years
  • Alexandrite – 55 years
  • Diamond – 60 years
  • Platinum Jubilee – 70 years
  • Ruby – 80 years

Gems mark the passage of time and this is a great way to express your love and commitment. Once your gift is purchased, be sure to insure it right away and give you and your spouse peace of mind for your growing jewelry collection. Contact for your personalized jewelry quote today


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