Jewelry Anniversary Gifts by the Year Series: Part 1

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Jewelry Anniversary Gifts: Years 1-10

Because a marriage starts out with an engagement ring, it’s only fitting to continue to give jewelry as an anniversary gift to commemorate your time together. Every year has a special gemstone or metal making your anniversary shopping a bit easier. Our two-part series will help guide you through the gift-giving process. We’ll cover years 1-10 here.

Jewelry Anniversary Gifts by the Year Series: Part 1

Where it all Started

Since its origin in European courts long ago, gifts of metal or jewelry to mark an anniversary have only grown in popularity. In the middle ages, men would present their wives with silver or gold wreaths as symbols of harmony after many years of marriage. This was the beginnings of the silver and gold anniversary celebrations. From there, it expanded and eventually gemstones were assigned to every year.

The First 10 Anniversaries

A bond that has lasted is certainly something to celebrate. Follow this guide to get the perfect gift for your special day:

1st Anniversary – Gold

This is a wonderful and sweet milestone, but since you might be a little financially strapped in your early years a simple gold chain or bracelet makes the perfect gift. For him, think gold cuff links or a necklace.

2nd Anniversary – Garnet

Garnet comes in many colors but it’s mostly known for its red shade. This stone is great for rings, earrings and pendants, plus it really pops when set against white gold or platinum.

3rd Anniversary – Pearls

These are available not just in white, but also pink, blue, green, gold, grey, and black. Pearls are fragile so you may want to forgo a ring as it could end up damaged or scratched. Think earrings, necklace or pendant. Something inlaid with mother of pearl makes a great gift for your special guy.

4th Anniversary – Blue Topaz

This stone comes in many shades and looks great in any piece of jewelry from rings to earrings to bracelets. It makes a great anniversary present as it is typically associated with love and affection.

5th Anniversary – Sapphire

A sapphire is classic in blue but can even be found in white, pink, and violet. It is a hard and durable stone so it works in any jewelry piece.

6th Anniversary – Amethyst

Amethyst is purple quartz, but the color can vary from light pinky violet to a deeper color that can be more blue or red. This stone looks good in any type of jewelry.

7th Anniversary – Onyx

Onyx is hard, durable and even great in men’s jewelry so there is finally an opportunity to treat your husband. Consider a black onyx ring for him or simple onyx stud earrings for her.

8th Anniversary – Tourmaline

Whatever your color preference is, you can find it in tourmaline giving you a chance to handpick the best piece and best color for your significant other.

9th Anniversary – Lapis Lazuli

While it’s not the most recognizable of the blue stones, you will find it used in charms and craft jewelry.

10th Anniversary – Diamonds

Since 10 years is a major milestone, mark it with a diamond anniversary band to add to her wedding ring. For him, consider a diamond ring or even a stud earring if he has a piercing.

Insure Before Your Give

Once you have purchased an anniversary gift for your special someone, be sure to insure your gemstone before heading out on the town to celebrate your milestone. Contact for your personalized jewelry insurance quote right away for peace of mind and enjoy the look on his or her face when they open the perfect piece.  

Celebrating a bigger milestone and unsure what to buy? Look for Part 2 of our anniversary gift guide series.


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