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Summer Trend to Watch: New Take on Initial Jewelry

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

initial jewelry necklaces trend this summer

Personalized initial jewelry is not a new trend, but with some modern updates it’s having a resurgence this summer. Designers are putting their spin on this timeless throwback to create an updated accessory you will want to add to your jewelry wardrobe.

A New Twist on an Older Trend

Plenty of celebs are wearing their initials this summer. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw as it’s the perfect way to show off your sense of personal identity.

Ready to add your initial to your accessory game? These pendants are being amped up with extra detail and designs. Here are some updated options that let you wear this timeless trend while staying current with this year’s look:

  • Consider looking for diamond or gemstone accents with your letter of choice.
  • Some initials may be adorned with turquoise for an earthy, natural look.
  • Designers are also carving letters into onyx if you want to add some edge.
  • You can find letters underneath and shining through stones like topaz.
  • Try out a letter pendant that features hammered metal or some other organic form.
  • Initials on an enamel plate is a new twist this year.
  • A rainbow letter can be a fun, new way to express yourself.
  • Gothic-style letters have really taken over in 2020 and make a bold statement.

Updated Ways to Wear

It’s not just the jewelry itself that has a new look. You can make this style all your own by choosing what letter you want to show off, and modern ways to wear it.

Do not feel like you have to get the initial of your first name; you can mix it up and use your family name instead or even the letter of a loved one. You might choose to wear your spouse’s initial or the first letter of your child’s name.

Personalization can be found on more than just necklaces. Earrings can give you a great way to mix and match by choosing your initial and your partner’s initial to wear at the same time. Or customize your look by wearing a letter stud along with your birthstone.

Consider doing the same with a charm bracelet – use your initials or birthstone along with your loved ones to create a look that is all your own. Adding your unique style to this trend is the perfect way to keep it fresh.

The Layered Look

Looking to display more than just your own name? Get creative and hang multiple initial pendants along with birthstones from a single chain to represent your family, multiple children, or even grandchildren. (Hint: this can make a great gift!) You can also layer multiple necklaces together for an interesting look. You may want to group an initial pendant along with an engraved bar necklace. Take it a step farther by adding a third piece with a sideways initial. This gives you plenty of options to wear together or separate.

Personalized jewelry will always be a staple in any wardrobe. Be sure you have a new and updated way to show off your personality, and don’t be afraid to let your name make a statement.


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