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Why it’s Important to Have Your Jewelry Inspected

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Importance of Jewelry Inspections

It’s easy to overlook, but just like so many other things in life, your jewelry needs a little TLC to stay in perfect condition. Your pieces need regular maintenance and check ups to stay in tip-top shape.

Life is busy and it’s easy to put your routine jewelry inspections on the backburner, but there could be hundreds or thousands (think dollars!) of reasons to not let this simple task slip by the wayside.

What Happens in an Inspection

When you wear your jewelry, especially your daily pieces, it can be exposed to accidental bumps and hits that could cause damage, or lend itself to future problems or even loss of stones. That’s why regularly scheduled inspections are so important. But you might be wondering exactly what does an inspection entail?

  1. Your jeweler will check the setting for problems such as worn, bent or broken prongs.
  2. They will also look for any loose stones or any other worn or broken parts.
  3. Your jewelry will then go through a professional cleaning.
  4. While the cleaning makes your baubles shine, it’s for more than just aesthetics. When dirt accumulates, it can wear down jewelry faster because of the friction.
  5. If the jeweler spots any damage they will go over any repair or restoration estimates. If everything checks out, your jewelry will receive a nice polish and be returned to you.

How Often Should I Get My Jewelry Inspected?

When you head out of the store after making your initial purchase, you may hear the jeweler say to come back in six months for your first inspection. This isn’t just some retail ploy to get you back in the store, but it is the recommended time period to get your precious piece protected and polished. Anything that is worn daily should be checked every six months at a minimum. You may even consider going in three times a year for maximum protection. Another benefit of getting everything inspected regularly is that these on-time checkups can help prevent you from accidentally voiding any warrantee you may have.

In addition to your regular inspections, if an item takes a big hit but looks okay, it’s still a good idea to have it checked for a loose stone or prong that you can’t see with your naked eye.

Don’t Forget!

While this may seem time consuming in your busy life, remember that making it a priority can save you money, headaches, and even heartbreak if something were to get lost or damaged. One way to keep track is to put it on your calendar ahead of time or even set a reminder in your phone. Or just drop what you are doing and go right now!

Whatever method works for you, it’s important to stay on an inspection schedule to keep your jewelry shiny and safe! And don’t forget the other way to keep peace of mind – specialized jewelry insurance to protect again loss, damage or theft. Right after your inspection, call Lavalier for a personalized quote.


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