How to Secretly Get Her Ring Size

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All right, gentlemen – this one’s for you! You’ve met, wooed, and fallen in love with the woman of your dreams. You’re ready to take the plunge, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry you. (Need advice on how to do it? Check out our interview with proposal expert Sarah Pease!)

Before you ask for her hand, though, you need to buy the perfect ring. Of course, you’re going to want to take pictures of that magic moment, so you want that ring to fit like Cinderella’s shoe. After all, it would be pretty disappointing if she couldn’t get the ring over her knuckle, or it was so big it kept slipping off. Lavalier shares a few stealthy tricks for getting her ring size without giving away the game.

Enlist an Accomplice

Does your girlfriend have a friend who loves to shop? If you trust this friend not to spill the beans, you can pull her aside (or send her a text) and ask her to ‘just happen’ to stop by a jewelry store for some fun browsing the next time they’re at the mall together. Hopefully, your friend can casually find a way to get your girl’s ring size without raising any red flags. We recommend you use this method several months in advance of popping the question. That way, your girlfriend likely won’t suspect a thing by the time the big day arrives. If your love rarely gets bitten by the shopping bug, you can always turn to the future mother of the bride, but consider yourself warned – she’s probably not going to be able to keep this secret to herself!

Turn to Theft

Obviously, you shouldn’t actually steal anything. But if your girlfriend has a ring she wears fairly often (preferably on her ring finger), wait until she’s out of the house and swipe it from her jewelry box. Take it to a jewelry store, where they’ll be able to measure the ring and get a good idea of the ring size. Just make sure you get it back in the box before she notices it’s missing and tears the house apart looking for it!

Try the Sleeper Hold

This is a risky option, and the jig is almost certainly up if she wakes, but if your girlfriend is a pretty heavy sleeper, use a bit of fishing line or some other non-stretchy material to snag her ring size. Just loop the string around her ring finger (on her left hand!), hold onto the string where it marks the circumference, and snip away the excess with scissors. If she seems pretty out of it, measure around her knuckle as well, to make sure the ring will slide over it. Slip away as quietly as possible (ski mask recommended but not necessary) and take the cut strings to your jeweler’s.

The Last Resort

The average woman is 5’4” tall, weighs 140 pounds, and wears a size 6 or 6.5 ring. How does your girlfriend compare? Is she slender and small-boned, or does she have a bigger build? Use this information to make an educated guess about her ring size. If you’re unsure, go with the larger size; it’s much better to have a ring that’s a bit loose than to make your girlfriend feel like she has sausage fingers when you propose!

According to a survey by, the biggest proposal mistake a man can make is not having a ring at all. So make your best guess, and remember that you can always get it resized. It’s easier to make a ring smaller than it is to make it larger, but loose rings are more likely to fall off somewhere (another good reason for jewelry insurance!). When you’re making this life-changing purchase, don’t forget to safeguard your treasure with jewelry insurance- especially if you’ve got some crazy place you’re hiding it during the weeks before you propose. With Lavalier, you can easily (and secretly) buy jewelry insurance online in less than five minutes. A guy who takes care of his girl and her jewelry? Now that’s a keeper!

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