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How to Plan the Perfect Micro Wedding

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Once that beautiful diamond engagement ring was placed on your finger, you most likely went right to planning for your dream day. Like most brides, you might have had backup plans at the ready for a random problem, but no one could have expected the havoc that the pandemic had on so many couples’ wedding plans. It has forced many brides and grooms to either postpone their weddings or get creative and choose a different option, like a micro wedding.

This intimate affair typically has less than 50 guests and can still feature all of the traditions of a wedding. Even before the pandemic, some couples were embracing the idea of this small-scale event to save money while having the (tinier) wedding of their dreams.

Top 6 Tips

If you decide this is the right option for you, don’t miss the opportunity to make your wedding day even more special and unique. Try these tips for the perfect day:

  1. Venue options are endless — You can now pick nearly any spot due to a smaller crowd size. Think your own backyard or a picturesque park. You can even say your vows on the steps leading to a beautiful building. You can even rent out your favorite café, bar or art gallery. This cuts down on décor needs and table/chair rentals if they are already there.
  2. Focus on the basics — You really only need three things: food, music and alcohol if you choose to include it.
  3. Get dressed up — No matter how big or small you can stay formal with a gown and tux, or just pick something that looks nice and fits the setting.
  4. Hire a photographer — This point is fairly non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter how small your wedding ends up being, a professional photographer will beautifully capture the day for you.
  5. Choose some extras — You can still add flowers, cake and more. However, since everything is on a smaller scale you can save on costs and even choose something unique like sweet treats from a local bakery. 
  6. Make it meaningful — Creating and sharing personal vows in this intimate setting will really add that special feel. The smaller size means that extra touches can make it meaningful for your guests as well. Consider placing something like a personal note at each guests’ seat thanking them for making your day special.

Keeping it Safe and Special

Because of these challenging times, it is important to consider your guests’ health and safety even when having a micro wedding. Pandemic planning typically requires some out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Provide hand sanitizer to everyone (think wedding favors) or place sanitizing stations around the venue.
  • Lawn games can be a fun form on entertainment if you opt for no dancing or congregating at a bar.
  • Consider single serve drinks and foods. Skip the idea of a buffet line.

Micro weddings can be the perfect way to save your special day while keeping it filled with traditions and personal touches. You may end up loving the idea of quality over quantity and find this to be the “mini-mony” of your dreams.  


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