How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Nothing shines quite like a brand new diamond. But after weeks of wear while you were cooking, cleaning, putting on lotions, applying sunscreens, gardening, and doing everything else you somehow find the time to do, that bright stone may have lost its luster. Don’t worry – with these tips from Lavalier, a superwoman like you will have no trouble restoring your ring’s sparkle.

If it’s not too deeply soiled, a gentle at-home cleaning can make your ring look like new. When your diamond engagement ring was first purchased, the jeweler probably gave you (or your fiancé) some jewelry cleaning solution. If you still have it, look over the bottle carefully, as some jewelry cleaners can expire. Don’t use jewelry cleaner that’s more than a few years old, even if you don’t see an expiration date – you’re better off using warm water than risking damage to your diamond engagement ring.

If you don’t have the bottle that came with your ring, you can purchase jewelry cleaner at any jewelry store. Show the jewelry clerk the engagement ring you want to clean, as different types of metals require different types of cleaners. Then, just follow the directions on the bottle!

You can also clean your diamond engagement ring without any specialty cleaners. All you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush, small bowl, and mild liquid dish detergent like Ivory. Follow these steps to get your sparkler shining again.

1)     Fill a small bowl with one part mild liquid dish detergent to four parts warm water. Your water should be lukewarm, not hot.  Do not try to clean your ring in the sink, or anywhere near an open drain.

2)     Drop your ring into the soapy water and soak it for an hour or two.

3)     Remove the ring and grasp it firmly with a clean cloth. Dip your soft toothbrush into the soap and water solution, and gently brush all the nooks and crannies of your ring. Take special care to clean around the prongs that hold your diamond in place.

4)     Dump out the soapy water and fill the bowl with fresh lukewarm water. Rinse your ring off and pat it dry with a clean cloth. A chamois cloth is perfect for drying your ring. Avoid using a towel or paper towel, as these can leave behind lint.

Never use toothpicks or other tools to ‘push’ dirt or residue out from inside an engraving or between the prongs of your ring, as this can loosen the prongs and make it more likely that your stone will fall out. Don’t use any cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for your type of metal. When in doubt, stick with warm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush. With a gentle touch and a soft brush, you can keep your ring sparkly and shiny.

If your at-home cleaning isn’t quite enough, take it to a jewelry store for a professional cleaning or look into purchasing an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  Drop off your ring at a reputable jewelry store for cleaning whenever you go to the mall or run errands. In general, any jewelry store will be happy to clean your items free of charge, even if you’ve never purchased anything there. They’ll usually have it ready in a half hour or an hour, so you can get your shopping done and pick it up on your way out.

With regular maintenance, your jewelry will look brand new for years, especially if you always remove it and set it in a safe place while performing certain tasks. And if you purchase jewelry insurance from Lavalier, you’ll be covered if your ring is damaged or the diamond gets chipped or broken. Get a quick quote online in less than a minute!

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