How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

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How to clean diamonds

Even though a diamond is the hardest mineral, the mere touch of a human finger is enough to make it lose its sparkle. This tough, yet delicate stone is a natural magnet for grease. When a diamond is handled, the oils from your skin can adhere to its surface and affect its brilliance and fire. Since your diamond jewelry can get dirty just from everyday wear, it is important to know how to safely clean and care for your precious stones and the metal in the setting.

A Safe Cleaning Solution

Your diamond jewelry items are most likely your most expensive pieces, and probably your most sentimental. Keep rings, earrings, and other diamond jewelry sparkling for years by soaking them in your own solution of gentle dish soap and very warm water. Let the jewelry soak for 20-40 minutes, then use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt. Pay special attention to the back of the diamond where most of the dirt and oil collects.

How Often Should You Clean?

Regular cleaning of your diamond jewelry is recommended to keep it dazzling. You should consider this DIY process for your diamond rings, which get the most use and abuse, once a week to keep oil buildup at bay. Then take them for a professional cleaning and inspection at least twice each year. Keeping them clean will also shorten the amount of time it takes to get them sparkling at each soaking.

No matter how often you decide to clean your rings and other diamond jewelry, be gentle and patient during the cleaning process. Intense brushing can damage, or even loosen, the stones.

What NOT To Do

Improper care can damage your precious jewels and their luster.

  1. Avoid household cleaners like bleach, chlorine and acetone. These can break down metals, while abrasive products like toothpaste and baking soda can scratch metals – especially gold.
  2. If you are unsure about a store-bought jewelry cleaner and its ingredients, check with your jeweler before using it.
  3. Beware of ultrasonic cleaners as the vibrations can cause stones to loosen, or even fall out, in the machine. If you have one you want to use, check with the jeweler first to be sure all settings are secure.

Go Above and Beyond

There are a few other tips that will help keep your sparklers shining bright, even between cleanings.

  • Avoid applying thick lotions while wearing any rings as it can make your ring feel and look dirty.
  • Stay up to date on your maintenance appointments if your ring has a warranty. This can help keep you from accidentally losing any stones.
  • Remove rings while cooking as food and oils can get stuck in the setting or even discolor the stone. And, food particles can harbor bacteria.

Keeping Jewels Safe and Secure

You may find yourself mesmerized when looking at your bright diamonds after they have been polished and cleaned, either by yourself or a professional. Keeping your investment sparkling is important, as is keeping it secure. Discover the benefits of personalized jewelry insurance with, and make sure your jewels stay beautiful and safe for many years to come.


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What Can I Use to Clean My Jewelry?

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